The romantic movie So Young 2: Never Gone, which traces a couple from the time they first meet in high school to fall in love over a course of several years, has touched many romantic hearts for EXO alum Kris Wu and Liu Yifei. When the movie was released in China, fans clamored for a clearer ending to match the original novel, and the director answered their plea with a special MV which includes precious scenes not shown in the movie.  (Spoiler Alert!)

SPOILER ALERT: In case you didn't see the big spoiler alert in the opening paragraph, here it is again. The extended ending to be shown in the video would make more sense if you have watched the movie. And believe me, the movie is worth watching!

Romance fans usually prefer a happy ending, short of that we'd want at least an open ending with a positive future. Sad endings are the least favorite, but can be acceptable if they make sense.

For whatever reason, perhaps for artistry or for adding a mysterious flair, the director of Never Gone chose to give us an open ending, even though the book that the movie is based on gave a happy ending for the leading couple. 

In the Never Gone movie, Su Yunjin (Liu Yifei) finally went to New York and found where her ex-boyfriend Cheng Zheng (Kris Wu) lived. From across the street, she saw him standing at the front and was about to get into a car. We don't know what happened next, because that's the last scene!

Thanks to Chinese fans who urged for a more definitive ending, the director released a special MV that includes an extended sequence, showing us what happened after that street scene.

Also Included are other deleted scenes that gives more insight to understanding why Yunjin was so strong-willed and stubborn against accepting financial assistance from her boyfriend. The disagreement over money led to their breakup. Eventually, when she visited the temple where they had each written down their wishes years ago, she realized the depth of his love when she saw pages and pages of her name written by him, while she only wrote down a wish for "a simple life."

(Some might say that his love was obsessive, but let's just go with the premise, that his love was so intense for her that she didn't have the self confidence to believe in its permanence.)

Kris's Cheng Zheng was a rich heir whose immense wealth was finally revealed when we saw him fly to the U.S. in his private plane. He was upset that Yunjin refused his monetary help, the amount of which was insignificant to him. He wanted to share his love and life with his lover, and if money was needed, he didn't care about providing it. To Yunjin, however, that money felt like charity, and he was actually the last person she wanted to accept charity from. She wanted to be regarded as an independent woman who stood on her own. That pride, built up from years of having to borrow and beg when she grew up in a poor family, was what kept her away from accepting him in the early days, and what kept her from accepting his money later on.

It would take time to heal and for her to realize his unconditional love. Love meant not having to feel ashamed in accepting help.

When she finally made it to NYC, she was disappointed to see that he was with a pregnant woman. Assuming that he had married, she fled. Some time later, he found her on a rooftop. He showed her a video proving that the pregnant woman was a friend. 

He said, "Do you really think we can leave each other?"

His question, with no answer necessary, circles back to the beginning of the movie, when she wondered whether someone would still be waiting after the passing of time.

(Above photo was taken when the couple was filming in NYC.)

What do you think about the ending?

If you were the director, how would you have handled the ending? 

It's worth a thought, isn't it?

Nevertheless, let's cheer for love and for happy endings!


So Young 2: Never Gone

Starring Kris Wu and Liu Yi Fei

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BTW, So Young 2: Never Gone is a standalone story. Aside from the title, the story is not related to the first So Young movie.

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