Are you fan of Heirs? There are some Asian stars you are familiar with from dramas, but did you know they are heirs in real life?

1. Choi Siwon from Super Junior

Siwon always showed his charming charisma and gentle smile in front of camera, but you should know his good manners came from his family. Siwon’s father boasts an impressive resume. He was the President of the company Korean Slim Fashionbefore becoming CEO of Boryung Mediencein 2011. Siwon’s family is also own the Hyundai Department Store; this company is one of the largest supermarket chains in Korea, and gross profits for the Department Store Division alone were estimated to be over$US 542,000,000. Siwon’s father owns a trading company in Japan, and recently his mother has her own “B” company. Leeteuk, another Super Junior member, once made a joke during an interview stating that Siwon's family can probably buy MBC.

2. Kim Tae Hee

She is not only the top student from Seoul University, but she is also from a rich family. Her father is a CEO of a real estate corporation and also owns a transportation company. Meanwhile, her father is also the vice president of the Ulsan Taekwondo Association.

Watch Kim Tae Hee in Yong Pal:

3. Jessica and Krystal Jung

The Jung sisters were born in San Francisco and possess both US and Korean citizenship. Their father was boxer-turned-lawyer, and mom used to be a gymnast. Their parents got them a very nice apartment (worth 2 million USD) close to SM when they were trainees.

4. Raymond Lam

It was revealed that Raymond Lam’s family business's total asset value is worth 2 billion HKD, around 286 million USD. His father is one of the property developers in Xiamen owns many residential and commercial properties including acquired lands.

5. Fala Chen

As a former Miss Chinese International Pageant contestant, Fala Chen‘s family brought her a lot of artistic genes. Her parents are both from the entertainment industry. Her mom owns a music school in Atlanta, Georgia, and her father was the president of the international relations committee for the American Piano Technician Association.

Watch Fala Chen in Queens of Diamonds and Hearts:

Were you surprised by any of these actors?