Park Shin Hye, who turns 28 in February, says she’s not thinking about settling down just yet. The veteran actress, whose career spans two decades, talked about love, her career, and her true self in an interview with Ilgan Sports published on Wednesday.

Park Shin Hye didn’t “want to end up as only a pretty face on a TV commercial or lovable character in a Hallyu drama.” In her latest film Heart Blackened, she plays a weary defense lawyer with frizzy, disheveled hair. “You can see my dark circles,” Park laughingly said. “But that grim face is my real face. The staff members said I didn’t have to wear makeup, but I didn’t know how bad I would look! But it was good that the dark circles and frizzy hair were more in tune with my character.”

Her latest film role is quite a change from her last K-drama role in Doctor Crush. In fact, most of her TV roles have been a bright girl who doesn’t give in to life’s troubles. To her K-drama fans’ surprise, Park Shin Hye admits she isn’t always pretty or cheerful. “The director (of Heart Blackened) thought I was just a pretty actor. He thought my personality would be cheerful and lively like my characters in the dramas or commercials. But I express my emotions when I feel bad. When I’m mad, I get so frustrated that I cry. When I told him all of this, he said he liked that about me. That’s when I thought I could break the stereotype (about me).”

She further elaborated on her real personality, saying, “I’m not a nice person. I don’t do everything for other people. I can’t be fresh and cheerful every day. A lot of people expect that from me and get baffled. Then I say, ‘It’s because I’m tired right now.’”

Speaking about her 15 years of acting, Park says she is looking forward to what is waiting for her on the horizon. “I think more fun things are waiting for me. There are more stories for actresses to tell, like stories about family or the troubles of the twenty and thirty-somethings.”

Park Shin Hye wishes to film a melodrama because she’s “in my late twenties. I want to tell a love story that the audience can relate to.”

On-screen love stories aside, in personal life, she has experienced the ups and downs of love “unknowingly to people,” she says laughing. She added, “In the past, my dream was to marry, but when I see my friends, marriage is really difficult. I envy them, but I wonder if I could live well with one person for life. I’ve put a hold on the thought of marriage for now.” 

As of now, Park doesn’t have any plans to return to the small screen. We sure miss this talented actress. If you haven’t already, you should watch Park Shin Hye’s adorable cameo in Temperature of Love.


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Photos: Ilgan Sports