Twin sisters in China have found it a burden to be twins because they look too alike. It has affected their job search and even marriage matchmaking. Now they want to get plastic surgery at the same time to change their looks.

Tian Yu and Tian Qi are two beautiful twin sisters living in Hubei province of China. They were complimented as "sister flowers" when they were young, but now the identical faces have become a burden for them.

Once, Tian Qi, the younger sister, went to a matchmaking meeting. Her sister went along to keep her company. Tian Qi and the prospective man had a nice conversation and established a good feeling toward each other. Later, Tian Qi and her sister went to the restroom together. When they came back, the man brought out a gift and mistakenly gave it to her sister, Tian Yu. It was an awkward moment for everyone and made both sisters sad. Of course the matchmaking did not succeed.

The sisters have also been able to sing and dance since childhood and want to become actors. When a show was casting last year, they were both accepted for different roles. Ultimately, the director decided to let Tian Qi go because he feared the audience would get confused into thinking one girl was playing a dual role. Tian Qi cried for a week at home.

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Now, their biggest wish is to get surgery to change their faces. They would each establish an individual and unique look. Tian Yu said, "To change our face is so that others will not be confused. We want to get married, and we certainly don't want our future husbands to be confused about us."