Wearing a t-shirt with a political or social statement on it is something we as Americans do all the time, and it's generally not an act that causes us to lose our jobs. But a South Korean voice actress recently got the ax for tweeting a photo of herself doing exactly that — wearing a t-shirt associated with a group that promotes feminism.

How dare she! Jayeon Kim, a voice actress for South Korea's PC gaming developers Nexon and KOG Wars, was recently replaced for her offensive behavior, which didn't sit well with the higher-ups in the companies that she worked for. Apparently, Jayeon, whose voice was heard in the games Closers and Hero Warz, crossed the line when she tweeted a photo of herself in a t-shirt that proudly stated, "Girls Do Not Need a Prince." Why she would lose her job for a shirt promoting feminism is beyond me, but the controversy she apparently created was her responsibility and therefore she had to be taught a lesson.

Her shirt was designed by the website Megalian4, which is affiliated with Megalian, a site that promotes gender equality and an end to misogyny. Despite Jayeon denying any involvement in the specific movement, she took full responsibility for her actions, if indeed her actions were wrong. But of course, they weren't.

 It's a little shocking that a t-shirt with a positive message would get anyone fired — especially in a place like South Korea.


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