In a world oversaturated by constant tweets and Instagram selfies, it's always somehow refreshing to hear of those rare individuals who for whatever reason don't want to participate in the constant sharing of everyday life online. Gong Yoo just happens to be one of those people, and at a recent fan event in Taiwan, he explained exactly why.

People use social media for all sorts of different reasons: post selfies, share thoughts and/or special moments, just vent, and for every other reason under the sun. For celebrities, having a social media account can be a tool for success. Fame (which is important if you're a celebrity) in 2017 is often times measured by the number of followers on a social media account. The more millions of followers, the more famous you are. So when 2.6 billion smartphones are being used by people all over the world, online presence is usually a priority for entertainers, whose success depends on the number of fans who are willing to pay for anything you're associated with. Fans will follow their stars anywhere — and an Instagram account, which is available 24/7, is the first place they can go.

But some celebrities (and others, of course) just don't want to compromise their values to be a part of the game. Unfortunately for many, and maybe cool for others, Gong Yoo wants nothing to do with it. During a Q&A session at a fan event in Taipei on April 29th, a fan asked him what everyone was wondering, why he didn't have an social media accounts. His answer was as follows: "First of all, I don’t have SNS accounts because I don’t like taking selfies and photos in general. I like to see things in person rather than capturing them in photo form. Also, most of the time these services are used to share photos. So when you show a photo, you have to package and edit it in a certain manner and I don’t like it because it’s unnatural. I don’t like thinking about editing and how this photo could be seen as."

When everyone else wants to be heard and seen, one of Korea's biggest stars just wants to live in the moment, mind his own business and stay out of it. Who wants to take selfies when you see images and photos of yourself everywhere you go, anyway? 

Not Gong Yoo, that's for sure. 

In Taipei, to greet his fans

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