No more loneliness for the lonely Japanese. With more and more youth becoming isolated from society and turning into loners, a new business promises to get them some companionship. But you better be able to afford it.

Nerds, loners, otaku. Whatever they're called, they all share one thing in common. Many of them don't have friends, and some don't even have one. And when you get accustomed to being by yourself all the time, it feels almost impossible to go out and socialize. So you end up just staying home by yourself, even if you're feeling like you want to go out.

But at now you can," target="_blank">rent a friend! Like house music, but don't have anyone to go to the club with you? Make a phone call and you'll have a friend come with you! Wanna go to the gym, but don't wanna workout by yourself? No problem! Just moved to a new part of town and want a friend to explore with you? Let's do it. You can even have your choice of whether you want a friend of the same sex or opposite.

It's a great idea for those who have trouble making friends, but it is quite expensive at 8000 yen (80 dollars) for an hour and 30,000 - 40,000 yen for half a day. It better turn out to be a best friend for that sort of money.

"When I play catch with her, I don't get nervous. Because there's no conversation," says one happy customer.

Eleven stars. One House. Endless possibilities. Watch the new reality TV show Roommate.