The Return of Superman, the most popular TV show of 2014 in Korea, was published as a book on January 10.

The Return of Superman is a reality TV show that chronicles the lives of celebrities and their children.

The book version of the TV show is a how-to guide for young dads, and explains the psychology of children aged one through five. The book delivers helpful insights on caring for children, managing the family dynamics and cherishing the value of ordinary days with children.

Chronicling the lives of the children from The Return of Superman, the book shows that any dad can be a good dad. Suh Chun Suk, author of the book, said in an interview, “Good dads are not the perfect dads. Good dads are those who try to be better dads every day.”

Haven’t watched The Return of Superman? Watch the most recent episode below!

The Return of Superman features adorable babies such as actor Song Il Kuk’s triplets Song Dae Han, Song Min Gook and Song Man Se, MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon and Japanese supermodel Yano Shiho’s daughter Choo Sarang, and singer Tablo’s daughter Lee Haru.

Who’s your favorite baby? I’d love to hear your thoughts about the show!