Jealousy Incarnate might have had a slow start, but current research shows that the drama has been soaring the ratings chart! We have all the details:

When Gong Hyo Jin and Jo Jung Suk starrer, Jealousy Incarnate premiered, the ratings ranged between 6.43 percent and 9.31 percent. Pretty respectable for a new drama. But shocking the rating begun crashing, and by the third episode the ratings were recorded at 4.97 percent. Considering the caliber of the cast that featured top-rated Korean actors, this was a shocker!

But with the story line getting stronger and the combined strong performances by the cast, ensured an improvement in ratings and for episode 10 the ratings were recorded at a whopping 17.3 percent. 

The chuffed drama execs at SBS release a statement stating, “We see the ratings increase as a sign that Jealousy Incarnate is steadily increasing in popularity rather than being a one-day hot topic. We expect the story to get much more exciting in the second half and we hope the ratings will continue to rise.” We bet the hardworking cast and crew is loving the feedback. 

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Jealousy Incarnate

Starring Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin

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