Here’s a look at the men of the upcoming fantasy-sageuk-time-traveler drama Rooftop Prince. Yoochun stars as the Joseon-era crown prince and should, in my opinion, always be in sageuks; he just looks so much better in my eyes in that dignified sageuk-wear. Either that or he could just adopt hanbok as his everyday dress, though really, it might just be easier to keep acting in costume dramas. In the drama, Princey makes the 300-year quantum leap with his entourage, which consists of Lee Min-ho (The Moon That Embraces the Sun), Jung Seok-won (Ojakkyo Brothers), and Choi Woo-shik (Tree With Deep Roots). I’m bracing myself for the inevitable moniker F4, which will undoubtedly be slapped onto this quartet, even though it’s a term that really needs to take a hiatus from popular usage. I guess it’s convenient, though; you won’t find shorter shorthand around to describe a foursome of pretty, pretty young men. Read more on Dramabeans.