by Sara A. Layne: My current k-drama obsession is Rooftop Prince. I waited until the eight episodes were out before I started watching because I wanted to be able to do a marathon. I haven’t been this drawn into a drama since History of A Salaryman (and yes I realize that wasn’t that long ago). One of the main reasons why I like this drama so much is because of the music. Rooftop Prince has one of the best OST’s I have heard in a while.  The title song, Happy Ending by Jay Park, is so upbeat and happy that I can’t help but smile every time I hear it. Whenever there is an upbeat scene or when they decide to take one of their many pictures, you can beat on Happy Ending making an appearance. But just as every happy scene has me looking forward to hearing Jay Park’s voice, every sad or dramatic scene has me bracing myself for Ali’s Hurt. Be prepared to cry (or at least choke up) because Ali’s haunting voice combined with the drama unfolding on screen can cause almost cause you physical pain. Rooftop Prince also scored a homerun with Baek Ji Young’s (who I like to call OST royalty) After A Long Time.  When the characters start reflecting on the past is one of the times you hear this song or when they suddenly forget how to cross the street (watch a few episodes to understand what I mean). There are only a few episodes left and at this point, the music is almost as important as the story line. If you haven’t watched this drama yet, I urge you (PLEASE) watch it! I promise you won’t be disappointed. Let me know what you think of the drama and the rest of the OST in the comments ^_^ Rooftop Prince OST Happy Ending – Jay Park Hurt – Ali After A Long Time – Baek Ji Young Even Under The Sky – Park Ki Young Andante – Jiin Love is Difficult – Twilight Shine – Gilgu Bonggu After A Long Time (Inst.) Even Under The Sky (Inst.) Andante (Inst.) Love is Difficult (Instru) Shine (Inst.) Read more from Sara here! Follow her on Twitter @couturekitty! Watch Rooftop Prince right now!