Living with a preschooler is often like living with each of the seven dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs all wrapped up in one tiny emotional package, but that's exactly why we love them. The adorable 3-year-old Sarang from the Korean variety show The Return of Superman is no different, and it's time we celebrated that! Here are irresistible gifs of Sarang demonstrating each of the seven dwarfs' personalities.

1. Happy Sarang

2. Sleepy Sarang

3. Dopey Sarang

4. Grumpy Sarang

5. Bashful Sarang

6. Sneezy Hungry Sarang

7. Doc Skeptical Sarang 

Ok, so maybe I had to adjust the dwarfs a little bit, but why isn't there a dwarf named "Hungry" in the first place? And we all know those kids who are just skeptical about everything. 

Which Sarang personality do you find the cutest? Make sure to tune in to The Return of Superman every Monday right HERE on DramaFever to see more of Sarang and her adorable friends, or watch the latest episode below!