Just about a year ago, I introduced you to Sara, a cute Japanese high school girl who was created on a computer by a married 3-D CGI artist couple. And now, Sara has been re-intorduced to the world, this time looking even more realistic than ever before. 

"Sara was already perfect last year! How is it that she even looks more realistic this year?" That is just one of the hundreds of reactions posted online by Japanese netizens who've come across the still-evolving Sara, a 3-D computer graphic high schooler who already has loads of fans, despite not even existing. Using their free time to work on and perfect their perfect teen, husband and wife duo Teruyuki and Yuka Ishikawa, who go by the name telyuka, have scheduled an exhibition for later this year in Tokyo, where they'll showcase a version of Sara that actually moves. Because to be in a short film, you have to have movement, and that's always been the plan with Sara — to have her star in a movie.

It all seems to be going well for Sara and her parents, all of whom are getting quite a lot of attention already, and it's still way early in the pre-production process. When the short film finally does get showcased, we're all sure to be seeing and hearing a lot more about this 16 year old phantom girl, and the two artists who created her.

Sara in 2016

Sara in 2015. What a difference a year makes.


Jealousy Incarnate

Starring Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin

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