A Chinese celebrity who owns an expensive home in California has filed a lawsuit because the house was used by the Keeping Up with the Kardashians show without his permission. Anyone would be upset if his or her house is intruded by strangers, but in this case, the owner is apparently also embarrassed by what the Kardashian sisters said about his house.

Viewers of Keeping Up with the Kardashians show would have seen an episode called “And All That Jazzzzzzz” that was aired on Jan. 26, 2014. During that episode, Khloe and Kourtney went to look at a house next to Kourtney's for Khloe to live in for a few months. After looking all around, Khloe said, “I don’t get good feng shui here.”

It turned out that the house was owned by a couple from China who paid 2.5 million dollars in 2012 for the house located in Calabasas, an affluent city in Los Angeles county, California. The couple later went to China in 2013, leaving the house under the care of their property manager.

When the couple returned in August 2014, they found signs of misuse throughout the house such as oil spilled in the kitchen, items missing or messed up in the cupboards, bedding and linens out of place, strange buttons in the washing machine, and even a pair of Pittsburgh Steelers slippers that they didn't own was found in the closet. They also received water and gas bills totaling more than 600 dollars.

The mystery was "solved" when the couple were told by a friend that their house was featured on the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality show

The husband, Jianxiang Huang, turned out to be a famous sports commentator and TV host in China. He and his wife have filed a lawsuit, not against the Kardashian show, but against property manager Angela Wong and her employer, Ewing & Associates Sotheby's International Realty, "for numerous damages including breach of contract and misrepresentation. And for letting their home get dissed by the Kardashian girls to millions of TV viewers for having bad feng shui," according to LA Weekly. 

Did you read that last sentence? Apparently Mr. Huang is really upset that he "lost face," or was embarrassed, when his house was criticized on TV to millions of viewers. And there'd be even more viewers if you include the reruns!

Here's the clip of the “And All That Jazzzzzzz” segment via the TMZ site:

What do you think about the lawsuit? Would you be more upset or embarrassed if the Kardashians visited your house without your permission?

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