Park Gyu Ri Emerging as an actress, KARA’s Park Gyu Ri recently demonstrated the strength of the Korean Wave. Park Gyu Ri officially became an actress after starring in the leading role in Nail Shop Paris, which is currently being aired on MBC. In part due to Park Gyu Ri, who enjoyed crossover fame overseas as a KARA member, the drama exports are gaining much popularity, and it was recently reported that the rights to Nail Shop Paris were sold to Japan a day before the air date. This outcome will certainly have a positive impact on Park Gyu Ri's popularity. Upon beginning filming in January, the staff has finished conferences with Japan’s broadcasting station, and accepted offers from terrestrial broadcasting networks NHK, Fuji TV, TBS TV, including an affiliate of Asahi. Production officials stated, “With the reduction of yen due to the current economic status, despite the negative factors, the rights were exported at a satisfying price." Their broadcasting goal is the second half of the year. (source: nate news, donga sports, donga news)