The Negotiator has become the hottest new drama in China and the most popular C-drama in DramaFever's exclusive top 10 rankings! It has also hit over 5 billion views in China after only two weeks of broadcast. The reasons for the romantic drama becoming so popular are many, but one particular reason will really surprise you.

Although the new romantic drama stars top-billed actress Yang Mi and popular singer-actor Huang Zitao (Tao), its fast track up the popularity charts is still surprising.

Based on the drama's synopsis and its popular star couple, the series was initially expected to attract mainly younger viewers as well as viewers who enjoy the romantic genre. The love story is about a handsome but aloof heir (Tao) who unexpectedly falls for and pursues a successful negotiator (Yang Mi), despite their negative first impressions of each other.

However, the surprising reason why The Negotiator has become the most popular new drama in China is that it has struck a chord with multiple generations, not just with the younger viewers.

The story of a wealthy heir who runs into hard times and eventually becomes inspired to better himself for a comeback is a universally inspiring theme. Tao's successful performance has attracted the attention of those viewers who normally don't watch romances geared toward the younger set. Many of them, especially the older generation with children, really appreciate the motivational message imbedded within the drama.

And, the leading man is the adorable Tao who has shined with perfect comedic timing! Some net users have shared comments revealing that their mothers are now in love with Tao.

Congratulations to the cast and the production team of The Negotiator.

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Negotiator - 谈判官

Starring Yang Mi and Huang Zitao (Tao)

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