Kim Woo Bin is a master! The Heirs actor is showcasing his criminal acting skills in the newest photos from the upcoming movie The Technicians. The production company released two photos of the star smiling wickedly and cracking a safe.

In the movie, which will be released in December, Kim portrays character Ji Hyeok. The thief's area of expertise is breaking into safes. Actor Kim enjoyed filming the drama and performing his own stunts. “I really enjoyed the script," he said in an interview. "I believed in the film after talking with the enthusiastic director. This film will keep you on the edge of your seat."

The Technicians follows the adventures of Ji Hyeok and his gang. Actors Lee Hyun Woo and Go Chang Suk also star in the film. 

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He is beyond photogenic. Do you think Kim Woo Bin continues to look amazing on screen?