dec_newsWe're at the halfway mark for the Ten Days of DramaFever, and what better way than with December Fever!

Bold, witty, and ultimately bittersweet, December Fever is the story of a married woman who falls for a younger man, only to discover that he is dying. Film star Uhm Jung Hwa of Seducing Mr. Perfect and 2009 drama The Man Who Can't Get Married stars as Oh Young-shim, a model housewife whose career-minded doctor husband has ignored her for years. When she meets Park Jung-woo (Kim Nam Jin of successful 2007 drama Fly High) one day, he sparks in her something she hasn't felt in a long time, and when the charming and good-looking Jung-woo sets out to seduce her the two embark on a dangerous affair. Both their familes become concerned, however, for Jung-woo doesn't have long to live, and their relationship will bring both joy and tragedy to their lives.

Refreshing and deeply moving, December Fever, also known as Tropical Nights in December, is a must-see, a drama unusual in its plot and concept.

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