goodjob_newsDay Nine - the home stretch of the Ten Days of DramaFever! What can we say but "Good Job, Good Job!"

Uhm Ki Joon, riding high on positive reviews and a Best Supporting Actor Award for his role in The World They Live In, returns alongside drama staple Chae Rim (All About Eve, Dal Ja's Spring, ) in this fresh, funny comedy. Good Job, Good Job, also known as Job Well Done, is a delightfully endearing drama about a woman who overcomes the odds to find love and happiness in modern-day society.

Lee Kang Joo (Chae Rim) is a single mother who was abandoned by her previous boyfriend, Yoo Ho Nam (Kim Seung Soo). When his father's business fails, Ho Nam abruptly leaves for the United States, never realizing that Kang Joo is pregnant with his child.  Choi Seung Hun (Uhm Ki Joon), a fitness club owner and the son of Kang Joo's employer, has been half in love with her ever since she tutored him when he was young, and begins pursuing her. But Kang Joo, not trusting his playboy ways and not willing to open up her heart again, continually rejects him.

When Ho Nam, returning to Korea years later as a doctor with an upper-crust fiance in tow, runs into Kang Joo unexpectedly one day and realizes her situation as a single parent, he wants to rekindle the flames of their old romance. Now, Kang Joo is caught between the light-hearted younger Seung Hun and Ho Nam, the father of her son.