onefinedayWe've entered the final days before DramaFever goes live! For the next 10 days, we're going to upload one new drama series each day! Starting up the Ten Days of DramaFever is One Fine Day. Superstars Gong Yoo (Coffee Prince) and Sung Yuri (The Snow Queen, Hong Gil Dong) light up the screen in this bittersweet tale of forbidden love. Seo Ha Neul (Sung Yuri) and Seo Gun (Gong Yoo) become stepbrother and stepsister when their parents marry each other, and soon come to love each other like real siblings; Ha Neul hero-worships her older brother and Seo Gun will do anything to protect his little sister. But when their parents are suddenly killed, the two are separated: Seo Gun is adopted into a poor family in Australia, while Ha Neul is adopted into a wealthy Korean family. Before leaving, Seo Gun promises Ha Neul that he'll come back for her in a few days. Fiteen years later, Seo Gun returns to Korea - but no longer the innocent boy he once was. He has been forced into a life of crime to pay for the medical needs of his adopted sister Hyo Ju in Australia, and has become a small-time gangster and swindler. Having buried all of his affection for his first step-sister, Ha Neul, his goal in coming back to Korea is to swindle her and out of money to pay for Hyo Ju's needs. Ha Neul, meanwhile, has had a very different upbringing, growing up the cherished, sheltered daughter of an overprotective mother and a wealthy chairman. When the two meet again, they can't help but begin to love each other again, but this time, is it the love of siblings, or something more? Haunting and constantly compelling, One Fine Day is one of the more well-known Korean dramas. Highlighted by stunning underwater sequences of the aquarium where Ha Neul works, filmed at Seoul's famous Coex Aquarium, it is a dreamlike and beautiful drama. Watch One Fine Day now!