snowman_newsToday's Ten Days of DramaFever has all 17 episodes of Snowman uploaded, a tale of forbidden love and the choices that arise in the face of tragedy. Suh Yeon-Wook (Gong Hyo Jin) first meets Detective Han Pil-seung (Jo Jae Hyun) when she is dragged into the police station after getting into a fight with some girls. The two end up trading insults and Yeon-Wook leaves certain that she'll never see him again. To her horror, her sister, Yon-Jung, tells her that she's engaged to Pil-seung. Yeon-Wook reluctantly agrees to the marriage. Over the course of time, however, the two get over their differences and develop a close, warm relationship. But things take an unexpected turn when Yeon-Wook realizes that her feelings for her brother-in-law are more than friendship or sisterly affection... Meanwhile, Cha Sung-joon, an old friend of Yeon-wook's and the son of a rich hotel owner, watches from the sidelines, in love with Yeon-wook himself but aware of her feelings for Pil-seung. Yeon-Wook eventually decides to forget Pil-seung  and begins dating Cha Sung-joon. Then her sister suddenly dies, and Yeon-wook is faced with a terrible decision, torn between love and duty, the memory of her sister and her own desires. Gong Hyo-Jin, famous for her roles in much-loved dramas Thank You and Hello My Teacher, brings a nuanced passion to her role is this earlier drama, and Jo Jae Hyun, lead of recent successful drama New Heart, provides a good counterpart as the detective she falls for who slowly begins to realize that his sister-in-law loves him. With an unconventional storyline and a compelling plot, Snowman is not a drama to be missed. Watch Snowman now! And if you like this, check out New Heart, also on Dramafever!