strike_loveIt's Day Three of the Ten Days of DramaFever! Today's newly uploaded drama series is Strike Love!

The first drama adaptation of wildly popular comic book series Alien Baseball Team, Strike Love (also known as Alien Baseball Team) is an upbeat, well-acted story of two men who collide over sports and love. One is the new star pitcher of a ragtag team of baseball underdogs, and the other is the lead pitcher of a major team. When their teams go head to head, they collide over the affections of a childhood friend. Yoon Tae-young, popularized through his role in 2007's The Legend, heads this enjoyable comedy.

Hye-sung, abandoned by an alcoholic father, has a hard childhood. The one bright spot in his life is Eon-Ji, a new girl at school who befriends him, convinces him to abandon his delinquent ways, and introduces him to baseball. Ma Dong-tak, Hye-sung's friend and already spoken of as a genius pitcher, also falls for Eon-ji. When her family unexpectedly moves, Hye-sung loses touch with her, and the only thing she leaves behind is a glove, a baseball, and a note for Hye-sung, telling him to become a great baseball player. Years later, Hye-sung arrives in Seoul for major-league tryouts, planning to search for Eon-ji in the process. Dong-tak, meanwhile, who has just been signed to a major team, has been dating Eon-ji and plans to marry her.

Keeping a good balance between its romantic and sports aspects, Strike Love is propelled by solid story-telling and excellent chemistry between leads Yoon Tae Young and Kim Min Jung (see her also in New Heart on DramaFever!).

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