spy_newsIt's Day Two of the Ten Days of DramaFever! We're uploading a new drama series each day until the DramaFever Launch Party on August 6. Today's new drama is Sweet Spy.

A mix of tongue-in-cheek comedy, well-crafted intrigue, and bittersweet romance, Sweet Spy delves into the inner workings of international espionage and police work. It boasts unusually high production values and a cast headed by Nam Sang Mi, star of 2007/2008 hits Time Between Dog and Wolf and Gourmet. Korean-American actor Dennis Oh co-stars as an international spy, adding a refreshingly cross-cultural note by speaking almost solely in English.

After her policeman husband dies in a mysterious car crash, Lee Sun-ae (Nam Sang Mi) joins the police force in his stead, where her tough, ball-busting tactics constantly at odds with her colleagues. When she pulls over a stranger (Dennis Oh as Han Yoo Il) on a routine traffic violation one day, she has no idea that he is in fact an international secret agent recently arrived in Korea on a mission. Her action sets in motion a train of events which pulls her into the dangerous and dizzying world of international espionage.

Meanwhile, her new station chief, the cold and mysterious Kang Joon (Lee Joo Hyun) re-opens the case involving her husband's death...Politics, intrigue, and Sun-Ae's personal life collide in this fast-paced, well-developed comedy/thriller.

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