We finish the Ten Days of DramaFever with the very popular Triple! New Yorkers can also stop by our DF Launch Party tonight!

Reuniting the director (Lee Yoon Jung) and writer (Lee Jung Ah) of The First Shop of Coffee Prince for the first time and featuring a cast of high-profile stars, including movie star Lee Jung Jae and Lee Sun Gyun, better known as "The Voice", Triple is a whimsically compelling look at a group of people who are drawn together by one girl's dream of becoming an ice-skating champion. Singer Min Hyo-rin in her acting debut stars along with Yoon Kye-Sang, coming off his raved-about and impressive turn in 2008 drama Who Are You?

After her mother and stepfather are killed in a car crash, talented ice-staker Lee Haru (Min Hyo-Rin) gives up her pursuit of an ice-skating career and goes to live with her father. Five years later, an encounter with an old rival sparks her competitive streak again. Haru decides to move to Seoul to train and stay with her ex-stepbrother, Shin Hwal (Lee Jung-jae), whom she hasn't seen in years.

Hwal (Lee Jung Jae) is less than pleased to find a stepsister he hasn't seen in years appearing on his doorstep, but his roommates, Hae-yoon (Lee Sun Gyun) and Hyun-tae (Yoon Kye-Sang) welcome her whole-heartedly. What Haru doesn't plan on, however, on beginning to develop feelings for her gruff stepbrother, and when her new skating coach (Lee Hana) turns out to be Hwal's ex-wife, all sorts of sparks begin to fly, not just between Hwal and Haru but between all the foursome living in the house.

Combining the trademark exceptional writing and directing of the Coffee Prince team and a soundtrack featuring indie artists such as Tearliner and Zitten, Triple is a funny and addicting drama. One girl's struggle to make her dream come true can change the lives of all around her.