The Thinker, one of the most recognizable statues in the world, probably has a headache from thinking too hard and long and also some stiffness all over to boot. But thanks to FREEing, an action figure manufacturer from Japan, the Thinker can finally be released from his everlasting pose, and finally, NO MORE thinking!

I think long and hard about something for twenty minutes, and I already get a headache. The Thinker, a piece created by French sculptor Auguste Rodin, has been thinking since 1880. So just think about the poor guy who has been deep in thought for the last 134 years. Just imagine the tension headache! And it's not like he's been laying around in a bed and getting comfy anytime he feels like it. He's been in the same position all this time, not able to stretch his back, crack his neck, or just stand for a few minutes. That would be torture for anyone.

So no wonder he looks so relieved and happy as a figma. For those that don't know, a figma is a Japanese action figure whose parts can move and be positioned in certain ways. As the photos below show, the Thinker can be put in all sorts of different positions, which I'm sure he's a lot happier to be in than the one he's been in since 1880.

The Thinker figma goes for 4298 yen, or about 40 dollars, with pre-orders currently being accepted. He will be available in May of 2015.

I got it!

Screw all that thinking

How's this for a pose?

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I'm going running!

But I can't stop thinking...