Ladies and gents of the KDrama world, Logan, June and yours truly (Akua) are happy to sit, chat and drink copious amounts of soju with you as we laugh, smile and maybe even shed a few tears through The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days or, T37000. Hehehehe. Well, shall we start?

Akua: So ladies, is this going to be too cute or what? I’m already experiencing random moments of “squeeee” with Ha Na and Choi Won!

Logan: OMG, yes! Loving it so far. Our leads are just adorable.

June: Honestly, I went in not knowing who was starring or what this drama was even about but man am I hooked on it now! lol And it’s only been two episodes so far!

Akua: They are too cute and *ahem* so is our intern! Talk about SLS!

Logan: Oh yes, I wouldn’t believe a single person who told me they were immune to SLS in this case. L is so charming in his role. But it does bother me that they haven’t given his character a name. Anyone else notice that?

June: Seeing the new intern got me excited, it just means things will get crazy sooner rather than later! Lol Also, I love how they already set up Won and the other intern. You know things will go down with that too.

Akua: Yeah, so we’ve got a nice little set-up here - childhood friends and next door neighbors who are moving into an intriguing time in their lives. A little self-reflection, a little reaching out, a bet here or there and boom *Kdrama*. I’m curious about a few things though ladies, where are Won’s parents?

Logan: Won definitely has a backstory. He’s so closed to the idea of him and Ha Na and I don’t think his closeness with his cousin is a coincidence. I fear the worst in this case, that his parents are no longer of this world. Either way it’s clear he has some issues.

June: Yeah, there is definitely something there and I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough, at least I hope so. My biggest question about Won is that it’s pretty obvious that he has some type of feelings for Ha Na, so what’s holding him back?

Akua: There’s something about that book “Love Story of the One Eyed Fish” or something like that? I have a feeling that as many times as they showed it, it has some significance to Won’s weirdness in regard to Ha Na. I mean, Ha Na never said she liked him did

she? She was going to give the gift to Won on behalf of Mi Hyang but even before she had the chance Won went all crazy man on her with his “I can never love you disaster/romance movie speech”. I don’t know what I would have done if my best guy friend busted out with “I can never love you Akua” Wait, what? How did that get all up in the mix? Who was talking about love? And why WOULDN’T you want to love me anyway?? Do I not ROCK?

June: Exactly! When he went on that speech I was like geez you don’t even let her explain what’s going on and just jumped to conclusions!

Logan: Right? Take it easy buddy, why are you getting so worked up? I think I literally said that to my screen. Lol. The thing that I think is interesting is that he doesn’t have just a passing interest in Ha Na. Whatever sort of feelings he has for her, they are super intense and therefore he has to have a really good reason that he thinks he needs to stay away.

June: One thing I kind of understood why Ha Na got mad, but wish she didn’t was the whole fiasco of a wedding. I hate that it basically all got blamed on Ha Na, when that guy literally cheated on both of them. Seriously was so annoyed at that.

Akua: Right, so let’s talk about this. She goes to be respectful, make nice-nice and her oldest friend decides to go and be her boo just to make her feel better. Cool but it all gets blown out of proportion so fast. And in classic KDrama fashion, nobody gives anybody a chance to explain anything. Won doesn’t get to explain to Ha Na that idiot two-timer was talking bad about her and Ha Na doesn’t get the chance to say that Won was just being her knight in shining armor. Sigh. Classic. But I do love how well he knows her to be able to count when she’s getting pissed as they’re walking home. Hehehe. That’s how you KNOW he loves her!

Logan: Would it be a Kdrama if there was proper communication? Where would all the drama be? Lol. But seriously I felt for Ha Na. She is trying to do the right thing and it blows up in her face. And Won! That guy goes from 0-60 in the blink of an eye. He’s either super laid back or super intense. The moments when they’re walking home and they show the depth of their friendship really make me smile. I love that she forgave him so easily after he made things so messy for her.

June: I think one of things that annoys me the most with K-Dramas is that no one can even communicate or explain things but oh well you get used to it! LOL I think their scenes where it showed them back in high school were some of my favorites. I love you get to see how the friendship was back then and how it is now.

Akua: The scene where they go to the supermarket was so telling. Ha Na says that she’s the one who’s put up with him all these years because he’s so sensitive. And that speaks to your point Logan about Won going from 0-60 in like 5.5 seconds. I think that he portrays himself as being cool and collected (and he even told her that’s what she needs to do after two-timer married young thang) but he’s very emotional. I think Ha Na steadies him, even though she’s no walk in the park either!

Logan: Seems like he’s in a battle between his heart and his head over Ha Na. He has the feelings, that’s obvious and there’s something in his head that’s telling him it’s a bad idea. It’s fun to see his heart win out, like the group date scene. At first, I thought “Oh, that’s so serendipitous that they ended up together” but then *BOOM* He did it on purpose !?! I’ll admit it. I may have screamed in joy at that moment.

June: I loved seeing Ha Na’s face when he picked her scrunchie. I was like “Yesssssssss!!”. I totally felt like he was going to pick hers. I already like their friendship so far and I can’t wait to see what else this drama brings.

Akua: And what about our Little Ms Stewardess? She moves kind of fast don’t you think? *elevated eyebrows*

June: I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks this!! I was like dang girl we’re only on the second episode and judging by the preview for next week, I can only imagine what will happen. Lol

Logan: I have mixed feelings on So Eun. She is sweet, but she’s way too forward. I did have a big problem when she forced her way under Won’s umbrella? Doesn’t she know that’s sacred territory?

Akua: Under the Umbrella IS truly sacred territory meant only for Boo/Bae. I think when she finally meets Ha Na it’s going to be a catty mess. She’s the kind of girl who is very sly and apologizes very politely as she’s stealing your spicy chicken feet right in front of you.

June: Oh you know Ha Na will bring it. If anything we got a taste of it with her and the young shoe designer. Seriously though, the umbrella is sacred territory and home girl just made it her space. It’s like girl you have to earn that spot!! Lol I can see that this love triangle/square, whatever it turns out to be, will be a crazy one!

Akua: - Have you ladies noticed that both our second leads are super forward and crazy confident in a slightly scary way? Like you said, June, it’s only episode two!

Logan: Yes, very crazy! It’s almost exhausting to watch. That must mean I’m getting old. Lol. Looking at the supposed cast, I think we might be getting more characters. It’ll be interesting to see who’ll be turning up and how things are going to turn out. I’m wondering if there won’t be more than one man interested in Ha Na.

June: Yeah! So I downloaded the OST for this drama (yes already!) and judging by the cover art, there was an actor who wasn’t L and I was like well, well, well who are you!!

Logan: That kind of made me sad, because it’s hard enough having SLS for one character, let alone two or three!!! And if there’s another main character there’s a good chance he’ll be somewhat appealing and I’m such a sucker for second male leads.

Akua: I just have to say that two of my favorite “funny” actors are playing in the roles of Ha Na’s dad (with his dry wit and humor) and her Senior Manager (with his explosive craziness) - Shin Jung Geun and Woo Hyun. They make me smile. Ooooh, and Lee Joo Seung is too cute (again) as the younger brother!

June: I’ve seen the actor who plays her dad, I think in three dramas in a row now. I feel like he’s now a regular in my K-Drama watching schedule! lol

Logan: I love him too! This drama is like a mini Pinocchio reunion. The dad, the brother, and the noona. And they are all such great character players. Ha Na seems a little bit moved by her intern, doesn’t she? It doesn’t seem like just innocent flirting from where I’m standing.

Akua: Girl naw! She is feeling her some Intern!!!

June: She is definitely loving the attention she is getting from Mr. Intern. lol I would too.

Logan: They’re a cute couple. I mean, I’m shipping Ha Na and Won, how could I not? They have the history. But I’m just saying if that ship sinks, I don’t think I’d cry too hard if Ha Na found solace with her charming intern.

Akua: Intern looks like he’s pretty mature and can handle himself quite well with a noona! And I don’t think anything would stop him. Is it bad that I’m shipping Ha Na and Intern more than Ha Na and Won?

Logan: Not at all. I can’t blame you. I feel like this is a win-win situation for Ha Na and for us as viewers as well. I’m excited to see how all of these relationships will develop over the next few weeks.

Akua: I am very excited! This promises to be a cute, fun-loving and “feels” filled series!

June: Oh definitely. I can foresee me having way too many feels for this drama. It’s like “let the feels begin!”

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