Welcome back to the The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days or, T37000 Drama Club. Join Logan, Akua and me as we got caught up in our feelings for Ha Na's friendship with Won, revelations and truths about our little intern and a surprising new addition to this drama. Let's get started, shall we!

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June: Soooooooooooo all I can think about is how homegirl is moving way too fast for me!

Logan: Agreed. Maybe it’s because she’s an only child and is used to getting what she wants when she wants it, but you can’t force a guy to like you, So Eun. That’s basic romance 101.

June: Seriously! I was honestly surprised by her forward-ness. I feel like this is rare for k-dramas! Lol

Akua: Like I said last time, she’s the kind of woman who will apologize for stealing your fried chicken feet as she steals the chicken feet and somehow make you feel bad. First it was the umbrella and now she’s making food for his cousin to take to her idol crush and for him and dropping it off at the house??? Stalker maybe? I dislike how she’s always harping on and on about Ha Na and Choi Won. They’ve known each other for 17 years girl! You can’t just jump in there like some bandit and make away with the goods! “If I called you in the middle of the night would you come to me”. No little girl, I would not. *insert WHAT DA meme here*. I think that her shenanigans are going to end up forcing Choi Won’s hand toward Ha Na.

Logan: Won is definitely going to have to make a decision on the matter soon. Mi Hyang Noona gave him some good advice when she told him not to lead So Eun on if he doesn’t like her because she’s type of girl who takes a few hundred miles when you give a millimeter. He should have made things clear with a flat yes or no when she asked if she was his girlfriend.

June: Yes!! I was like I feel like he didn't realize that until she brought it up but we all know it's gonna continue the way it is right now. Lol Heartbreak and confusion is in our future.

Akua: I think Choi Won has been in love with Ha Na for so long that he doesn’t see anyone else’s advances. I don’t think he knows how to deal with another woman’s affections and this will get them both in trouble because she does take a few hundred miles. He does need to be careful because he’s already imagining her making moves on him. If he continues to give mixed signals it won’t go well for anyone!

Logan: Ah, heartbreak and confusion! The bane of our Kdrama existence. Lol. Akua, I think you’re right about Won being inexperienced with other women’s affections. I think his perspective on So Eun is that he can’t see any reason to spurn her interest. She’s kind and pretty and for some yet unknown reason he can’t express interest in Ha Na so he’s hard-pressed to find a good reason to reject So Eun.

June: I don't know why, but I can see So Eun shading Ha Na and trying real hard to like manipulate Won and Ha Na's relationship.

Logan: Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if the sweet and innocent act sees a little shade either. Every woman knows that a man’s female friend can make or break a relationship. So Eun’s smart, she knows what kind of threat Ha Na presents.

Akua: I. Don’t. Trust. So Eun further than I can throw her! She’s a minx. She’ll sabotage their friendship anyway how. Look at what she said about Ha Na when she finally met her at the sushi joint. And what else she said when they got the juices? She’s trouble! Unfortunately, our leads are so conflicted themselves that she’ll be able to run interference for a few more episodes. Ugh!

June: So true. My thing is that they've been friends for like 17 years, of course she means a lot to him! Like hello!!!

Logan: Exactly, what would we be saying about Won if he left his best friend to cry alone on the beach after getting dumped (kind of)? Not good things, that’s what. The truth is, So Eun is sensing that there are real feelings between Ha Na and Won and instead of bowing out gracefully she’s already trying to interfere and that’s what makes her annoying.

June: You hit it right on the nail! I'm trying really, really hard to not dislike her but I feel like I can see right through her exterior.

Logan: Hopefully she comes to her senses before she does anything too loathsome. As for the intern, who we’ve learned is named Sung Jae, unfortunately we cannot say the same thing. I am saddened and disgusted by him this week.

June: OMG! Don't even get me started on Sung Jae!!!!! >:o I was like I knew there had to be more to this pretty face. Seeing Ha Na crying was so sad! :(

Akua: Intern (I refuse to acknowledge him with a name) is officially persona non grata. As if weaseling your way into the firm isn’t bad enough, you use your sunbae’s disastrous relationship as a means to get close enough to her to be a full-timer? Son! Son! You are a baby and a bratty baby at that. Kudos to Ha Na for keeping her professionalism in her recommendations for him even when he hurt her so. Ladies, did any of you feel her pain when she was crying? I did. Sigh.

Logan: Ha Na is a heroine we can root for. She doesn’t let a man keep her down or define her, but she doesn’t shut herself off to emotion either. Giving him a recommendation was definitely admirable since he was a good worker despite his manipulation. My heart did break for her seeing her live through another heartbreak. I’ve never seen the original Taiwanese drama that this is a remake of, so I did not see that coming although the signs were there like we talked about last week. They were really so sweet together and Ha Na did not deserve another heartbreak like that so soon

June: Yeah I haven't seen it either! Honestly after seeing so many comments about it, I want to start watching it too. Oh my, can we talk about how we're finally gonna see our second male lead!!

Logan: Yes please! Seriously we don’t get to see him until the end of Episode 4? He’s going to have a lot of romantic catching up to do when we’re already this far in to our OTP ship.

June: I wanna know his past with Ha Na! Judging by Won's face, I know there's going to be some good stuff aka drama coming out soon!! I wanna know how this will affect the whole dynamic right now.

Akua: *omo omo omoooo* I love the fact that there are multiple second leads! Who is Seo Hoo? Did you notice the writers gave us a premonition of him when Ha Na went to the museum? And another moment when he first steps out of the airport? What did he do to our Ha Na? Why is Choi Won so upset to see him? And speaking of Choi Won, what was that whole bullying scene about? Why can’t he love Ha Na? Luuucy, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do!

Logan: I was hoping the bullies were going to answer Won’s question. Why can’t he love Ha Na? I was expecting ‘Because she’s your sister’ or something earth-shattering like that. But nothing. I guess we’ll have to continue to wait. I know that once we heard the name “Seo Hoo” twice in one episode, his presence was going to felt and even though we’ve only seen a few second of him it’s definitely already significant. We know a couple things. 1) Ha Na loved him a lot and was really devastated when they broke up and 2) He’s been thinking about her. Already he makes a much more formidable opponent to Won than Sung Jae.

June: Oh for sure. I feel like Sung Jae was just the doors for Seo Hoo. I'm just honestly so excited to see this actor. He did a fantastic job in Pinocchio and honestly I think he's super cute. Lol

Logan: I agree. It’ll be fun to see him transition from villain to second male lead in this drama. Seo Hoo obviously has some history with Ha Na, so Won doesn’t have an advantage there. My guess is the edge Won’s going to have over Seo Hoo is how he treats Ha Na, which is pretty well actually. He tells her what she needs to hear as a friend but is also very sweet with her.

June: This is true. I think this is one of the things I love about their relationship. He treats her so well and I'm just like #friendshipgoals. I want my own Won!

Logan: I said that exact thing to myself!!! Lol. When she calls him her ‘precious friend’ I thought that was the sweetest thing. He is always there for her. It’s even in the little things. Like the fact that they talk on the phone constantly or meet on the roof every night for beer and chicken feet. Not to mention the fact that he comes running every time she’s in trouble or in pain.

Akua: Choi Won is her best friend and then some but both of them are in a transitional place in their lives right now that makes it both awkward and perfect. They’re both in the 30s, settled in their careers (Even Intern has to shout, Ha Na’s got skills!), comfortable with themselves (for the most part) and their eyes are being opened to one another. Look at Ha Na after they spent time in the hotel! She can’t stop thinking about Choi Won!

Logan: I like the correlation that’s being made between her and Won’s relationship and the relationship with her high school friend and (ex)fiance. That just one touch, one moment, can change a relationship that was otherwise platonic. Waking up next to each other in bed, even though it was an innocent act, was a catalyst and things are about to heat up.

Akua: VERY TRUE Logan! What I also love is that Ha Na is in a place to receive that revelation. Remember in an earlier episode when she was imagining all the guys she would date that he showed up in her thoughts? So even at that tender moment he was in her mind and heart. I would like to pause here and talk about Ha Na’s ADORABLE family!! Please? Her brother is too cute with his running sarcastic commentary about Choi Won and Ha Na! And her parents? Aegyoooooo!!

Logan: Adorable is the perfect word. They are the definition of unconditional love, too. They are realistic in addressing Ha Na’s flaws but are determined to do whatever they can to help her find love. I would love to be a part of this family and Won was very keen to make himself a part of it.

June: I officially love her family. It’s so funny trying to set them up together. I mean when you really think about Won and Ha Na really are such a good match. Like, who’s going to know you better, than the person who’s been with you for so many years.

Akua: June - right! Even Ha Na admits to that. They say that when folk get drunk, they tell the truth! She says that he’s the only one who likes her for who she is. I don’t know but if I were Ha Na, I would definitely be wondering about now! It’s easy to get caught up in other guys but at some point, you have to ask yourself, “What is going on with my BFF?” To her credit she’s spent 17 years with him saying that he doesn’t love her so what can you expect?

Logan: That’s a good point, Akua, about all the times he’s told her he doesn’t love her. If that was me and someone had told me they didn’t love me, if not the first time, I would start to listen eventually. I don’t think it’s even in the realm of possibility for her that he has feelings for her. So as her feelings for him start to develop, she’s probably going to feel pretty alone.

Akua: Worst ever! Unrequited love! And she has to watch Sneaky So Eun put the moves on him? #done #painforever #whyamisoalone #kdramamisery #puttingthechickenfeetrestaurantonspeeddial

June: Seriously. Him telling pretty much over and over that he can’t and won’t love her always puts me in a damper. Like his reason better be a damn good one because if it ends up being some lame one, I don’t think I’ll be able to forgive him. LOL Also, I already know I won’t forgive him for getting with So Eun. Cause let’s be real guys, you know it’s probably going to happen soon. I won’t doubt it if it’s in the next freaking episodes, judging with how fast Ms. New Stewardess is!

Logan: Ignorance is bliss, so I’m going to pretend like he’s going to cold-heartedly reject her and call her ugly during the next episode (which she isn’t, but it adds a great dramatic effect). Lol. But in reality, you’re probably right, June, and it’s going to be hard to deal with.

Akua: I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen next with our mystery second lead. Do you think the writers are going to give us another male lead just to spice things up? Or perhaps another female second lead? On second thought, naw. Choi Won couldn’t handle it. Ha!

Logan: I couldn’t either! I have too many conflicting emotions as it is!

June: I don’t even know if I could handle another lead. Oh my word. Lol

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