It’s safe to say that those of us who have been watching The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days have been a patient bunch for the most part. We’ve stayed with Ha Na and Won as their relationship has slowly transformed from one of friendship to one of romance, and now it looks as though our patience has paid off. So please join Akua and me, Logan, here at the Drama Club as we divulge those moments this week that had us screaming “FINALLY!!!” at our screens.

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Logan: So, I don’t know about everybody else but there were a lot of moments this week where I felt completely vindicated in my patience for this drama. So many that I hardly know where to start, but I think I can manage. Lol. Let’s talk about Ha Na’s decision to end things with Seo Hoo. I, for one, was majorly excited by this development. What about you, Akua?

Akua: Ha Na showed a maturity that I loved. She was so honest in her conversation with Seo Hoo! Very transparent in her emotions, you know? Describing to him what she thought she was going to get from the renewal of the relationship and then realizing, uuuuhm, yeah, no, this isn’t going to work. Not only had her feelings died but she FINALLY realized that they just weren’t a good match! I loved how real she was - she didn’t excuse herself or say anything bad about him. She just walked away from a bad situation.

Logan: She did show a lot of maturity and we needed to see it! I was impressed when she said that it wasn’t Seo Hoo leaving that was the issue; it was the fact that he made that kind of selfish decision that caused her to lose her passion for him. She finally wised up to his narcissistic ways. Seo Hoo didn’t take the rejection well at first but I was surprised that before he left for Austria he let her go. He himself made the mature realization that Ha Na was someone who loved to laugh and smile and she didn’t do that when she was with him. Way to grow up a little bit, Seo Hoo.

Akua: If Seo Hoo had spent more time learning about Ha Na - who she really is not who he thinks she is based on who she was, he may have stood a chance, you know? But he never ever stopped to consider her feelings. He was too pushy, too presumptuous! All he wanted was what he wanted and that was it! You can’t have a successful relationship like that dude! I really loved the conversation Ha Na had with Choi Won where she talked about how she had feelings for him but didn’t act on it because they were friends.

Logan: The first thing we noticed about Seo Hoo was his arrogance and it set the tone for his whole relationship with Ha Na. He said himself he always thought he could leave and she’d be waiting when he came back. Well, his arrogance lead to the end of the thing he valued most. I also really liked the conversation where Ha Na admitted her feelings. It was hard to hear at first, because honestly I just wanted her to run into Won's arms, but it was so real! She was so open and honest and you could see how torn she was. Her friendship was precious and she didn’t want to risk losing it. It was a hard decision for her to make.

Akua: It’s kind of weird to think just how much Ha Na and Choi Won thought about everything! They were really thoughtful about all their motives and moves. I think maybe it’s because they truly loved each other as friends that they never wanted to destroy that friendship or each other or what each other mean to the other - you get me? So they were intentional about everything - not rash, just trying to hurt each other but really taking the other person into consideration. That’s the kind of love that will be the basis for an amaaaaaaazing relationship! *sigh* So romantic!

Logan: It really is the basis for a great relationship. It’s easy to think of it in terms of them wasting 17 years of feelings by not being a couple, but it wasn’t wasted. They loved each other the whole time, maybe not as lovers, but does it really matter? I mean, they have this strong bond and love for each other. They’ve always been the most important person in the world to each other, they know each other better than anyone else, and they seek each when something good happens and when they need comfort equally. These romantic feelings are just a continuation of the something great they already had.

Akua: Naah, it’s not wasted at all. It was just what you said Logan - the foundation for what is going to be the BEST ever relationship for them. Did you or did you not SQUEAL during the cleaning off the makeup scene? Oh my gosh! Why is Won so sweet? So tender? *sniff sniff* Whew! Loooooved that scene! Can I get a Won?

Logan: OMG, yes, Akua! I most certainly did! That scene fulfilled a fantasy for probably every woman everywhere. I can’t tell you how many times I wish I had someone to take my make-up off for me. That was the moment where I thought, “Okay, that’s it. Ha Na is totally 'won ' over. There’s no going back now.” (Haha, see what I did there?) Because how could that not make you realize he was the perfect man for you?

Akua: The man is the epitome of what we all want, honestly! Sweet, kind, caring, understanding, patient, accepting of all our quirks. Does this man even EXIST??? Hahahahaha

Logan: I have to hope and pray that he does. Lol. But you’re right, I can’t find a single flaw with Won other than the obvious fact that he told Ha Na he would never love her. Still, I think if I put all the Kdrama male leads from all the dramas I’ve ever seen side by side and had to choose the most perfect one in terms of personality (which is the most important factor in my opinion), it’d be Won hands down. To her credit, Ha Na is starting to see this too like when she asked if he was nice to everyone and he said he was only like that with her. She seemed so shocked. How did she never notice this in 17 years?

Akua: Because Ha Na lived sheltered life, girl! Her family is wonderful. She had great friends at school and Won. Won shielded her from a lot of life’s harshness which is one of the reasons why he had to go away on that trip when she first decided to go back to Seo Hoo! They never spent any time apart, right? He was ALWAYS there and honestly, they were wrapped up in each other for the past 17 years. So Ha Na never had to realize it - because even when they were dating other people, they were still super close so she never missed.

Logan: Very true. And I’m glad that she asked him, because it made her stop and think about how wonderful he’s always been to her. It was frustrating that she didn’t run right to Won when she broke up with Seo Hoo, because you could see that the feelings were there, but it turned out to be a good thing because it made those feelings build and build. And even though it was a good opportunity, I was sad when she had decided to go to Paris. So when it turned out that Seo Hoo was behind it, I have to admit I was a little happy because it meant she wasn’t going to leave.

Akua: Even to the very last Seo Hoo was manipulating! And there was Director Min ready to tell all! There was one moment when I felt bad for her -- when she said that it was her job to take care of him -- because I could see that she had some serious unrequited love going on there. She’s just like Seo Hoo - trying to hold on to someone who doesn’t want her and by any means at her disposal!

Logan: Director Min and Seo Hoo truly are two of a kind! The upside about the whole promotion thing was that Won knew he couldn’t stand being away from Ha Na so instead of asking her not to go, he arranged to get a job there himself so that he could be with her. That is the definition of selfless love.

Akua: I like how the writers gave us that set up comparison of couples. This whole drama has been about couples. Mom and Dad, Dae Bok and Manager Hong, Mi Hyang and the Teacher, Choi Won and Soo Eun, Ha Na and Choi Won vs Ha Na and Seo Hoo and Director Min and Seo Hoo! Some of the relationships are great and others are horrible! The contrast with all of them is pretty cool though. They all showcase good and bad types of love. Even Dae Bok wants to do something with his life now that he has a girlfriend!!! They say the love of a good woman will do wonders in a man!

Logan: It’s true, but moreover I think this drama does a great example of showing  that a good love can do wonders for anyone. It shows the difference between what a healthy, supportive love can do to your life versus what a physical-oriented only, manipulative love can do to your life. This is demonstrated most clearly in Ha Na, how she is with Seo Hoo versus how she is with Won, and when she herself came to realize this was the moment that we had been waiting for. Akua, what were your reactions when she rushed to meet Won at the airport?

Akua: I said “YAAAAAAAAS, HUNTY YAAAAAS!” Normally it’s the guy rushing to the airport, the hospital, the accident site, the wedding - wherever, but to see Ha Na in a panic like that? YAAAASS! I was excited and happy. It was great to see her put her feelings into actions. I thought blowing the whistle was the cutest thing ever but I was a little disappointed in her kiss. I got to admit that!

Logan: It was SO GREAT! So many emotions, but all caps are really the only way to express them. I too was literally screaming “YESSSS!” I had to awkwardly explain to my roommate, that my excitement was caused by my OTP and not a life-changing inheritance. It was refreshing to see she was the one chasing him. And after Won's patience, it was what this drama needed. At this point there’s been enough talk, give us some action! And it was great how as soon as Won saw he had 13 missed calls he didn’t even question missing his flight, he just went looking for her. Her kiss was a tad gentle, BUT Won’s kiss in response was completely amazing and perfect.

Akua: As usual right?? Even in the kiss, Won reveals his character. He kissed her back so fast, I’m sure her head was spinning! Handle it Won! Handle it! Hahahahaha! I mean when you’ve been waiting 17 years...I mean!!!

Logan: I did like the way it happened though, she was being sweet with him. She probably knew he’d be a bit shocked, which he was evidenced in the fact that he did that whole wide, open eyed look when she kissed him. Then she told him that she liked him so sweetly. He finally came to his senses and as soon as he did he acted on them and they had that glorious, glorious mid-airport make-out session with plenty of on-lookers. It was a great day in Kdramaland. Haha.

Akua: Why yes, yes it was! And no complications! Not a lot of talk. Just realization that this was it! No messing around. No eating chicken with soju. No walks in the park. Just show that physical love that takes it to the next level -- where we’ve all been waiting for it to be!! Hehehehe! 

Logan: It was a big relief too. What if after 17 years they went to kiss and it was completely awkward? I was nervous about how it was going to go down in the transition from friend to lover, but it was seamless. I’ve read comments from others that they thought that the two leads in this drama had no chemistry and I have to strongly disagree. There’s been a comfortable bond with them from the start, which is exactly what was supposed to exist between these characters and the love continued to build between them. And if you didn’t think there was chemistry in that kiss, well, then I don’t know what kiss you were watching. Lol.

Akua: What? No chemistry??? What?!!! They have been first and foremost friends - always friends and I think their friendship was clearly evident on screen. Friends don’t make out with sizzling chemistry until they go beyond friends! And they portrayed that gradual process of realization, stops and starts, awkwardness, confusion, frustration, patience and pain very well! They were true to their characters. They had perfect chemistry! You could believe that they had been friends for 17 years!

Logan: Thank you! You took the words out of my mouth! Besides, if you had that awkward romantic tension between your friends it’d be kind of hard to develop the kind of friendship that Won and Ha Na had. You really have to hand it to Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook on their acting skills in this drama. They make Ha Na and Won’s relationship so believable. I mean, they completely pulled off having a couple go from absolutely no romantic skinship to a full-on make-out session and it seemed completely natural.

Akua: That’s what good actors and actresses do right? They make you believe in them not as who they really are but who their characters are!

Logan: That’s true. That’s why it’s nice to have a drama with so many great actors. As you mentioned before Dae Bok and Eun Jung’s (Manager Hong) relationship is advancing and the two of them are adorable. As well as Mi Hyang and Jong Hoon who are complete opposites but fit together so well. These unique pairs are demonstrating that consideration towards one’s partners is one of the biggest factors in a successful relationship. I’m hoping for a happy ending for each one of our couples as we finish out our last two episodes next week.

Akua: I also love the low-key fussing between Ha Na’s Mom and Dad! *big cheesy grin* I am looking forward to seeing how everything is resolved next week too!!! *Fighting!*

We hope you join us next week for our final posting where we can all squeal and/or complain together and give some last thoughts on this drama! In the meantime make sure to catch up with our drama club for the previous weeks below.

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