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June: It’s been a crazy and long ride with this drama and I can’t believe that it’s over now! I think I’m pretty good with how it ended. I loved the whole webtoon about Won’s story with Hana! What did you think of the ending?

Akua: I thought it was in line with the rest of the series - quiet, kind of low-key, simple. I’m glad there wasn’t anything melodramatic. I liked the webtoon twist! Not only did Dae Bok get his act together and show how talented he is, but in a way Choi Won got his wish to have his “scenario” written into a move! Also, I did love all the babies!!!

June: Yes!!!! I was super surprised with the webtoon twist too because we saw Dae Bok all this time just playing games at home or working at the convenience store, so to see him come out with this awesome webtoon, with the help of Won’s story of course, was so cool to see. Yes and all the babies! I was so thrilled whenever they revealed that Ha Na was pregnant! Also, who saw Mi Hyang also getting pregnant! Whenever she was saying how eveything smelled weird in Ep. 15, I totally called it. Lol

Akua: I knew she was preggies in Episode 15! As soon as she said that she had indigestion I was all, “awwwwwww, yeeeeeeah, let the baby flow begin”! Hahahaha. And of course only the other woman in the cabin crew would have the real idea. I mean who says water from the sanitized bottle smells bad or that the hair dye someone uses stinks except a pregnant woman? And I loved the fact that she was eating all those eggs! Remember how she thought they were so low-class? So funny that now she’s throwing down eggs like a champ!! One of my good friends ate eggs all the time in the beginning of her pregnancy so that was funny to see it in the show!

June: Exactly!! That’s funny how that both happened in real life and in the show with the eggs! Not gonna lie, Mi Hyang getting pregnant was a surprise to because I didn’t know her and the Teacher were that serious but it was super cute, especially when she told him and he was like well we need to get a house now. Lol

Akua: Their relationship is so chill. She’s much more high-strung than he is but he takes it all in stride. I like the fact that they act like a regular couple, you know? She was always more serious about it then him, remember? She kept wondering when he would be more romantic with her, when she could “go over to the house” and all that. Giiiiiirl, she was READY! Hahahaha. And oh so cute when she told Ha Na that she was preggies!

June: I think that’s why I liked them as a couple so much because it felt like a regular couple. Not that I didn’t like Ha Na and Won’s relationship, because we all know I was rooting for them, but their relationship was definitely more along the lines of a k-drama fantasy one. Because heck, who wouldn’t want someone like Won in their lives. Lol

Akua: Now that you’ve opened THAT door, let’s talk about it. Ha Na is rather selfish, don’t you think? Won is ecstatic - singing in the morning (even 8 hours later), making her breakfast and helping her pick out her shoes and Ha Na doesn’t even remember to have dinner with him??? Really? Yeah, yeah, yeah, Ha Na does love Won - never leaves his side and all that but you would think that she would show more enthusiasm about him than she did for Seo Hoo?? That bothered me!

June: The door is wide open now! Lol But ugh yes. We all know I was rooting for the One + One couple, but I wish Ha Na would show more enthusiasm about Won. Like hello this person has been by your side through thick and thin and I know you’ve been with him for like ever but it’s like it’s still nice seeing someone get excited whenever they’re around someone they really love. As for Seo Hoo, hmm goodbye! lol

Akua: Seo Hoo was a bit of an odd character. I think he could have been played better and given more complexity. As it stands he was just a selfish brat of jerk who ended up doing whatever he wanted and still getting more and more famous. Really? And what happened with Director Won?

June: Yeah, I felt like there was no growth to his character. I think he also just always disregarded what Ha Na wanted and expected to just have everything handed to him and have things always go his way. Ugh, now that I think about it, this character never really warmed up to me, which is sad because I love that actor.

Akua: The character sucked. That’s all! There was nothing redeeming about him - not even at the very end. I couldn’t deal with him at all which is sad because most of the time I can find something to say about the “bad guy” that may redeem him. In this case, I ht nada for ya! NAAAAADA! Ugh! Oh and I wanted to say that when Ha Na found out that she was pregnant, I thought she was going to tell Won that her career came first and that she didn’t want the baby!!! I was pleased when she said that she envisioned him surrounded by three kids!!! Awwwww!

June: Yesssss! I was so happy when she said that because up until then she was all about work, work work! I’m glad she’s putting thought into having a family with him! :) Also, I seriously thought we were gonna have some second male lead where we would all fawn over him but N O P E. Actually, the whole time Ha Na got back with him was just so annoying to watch because he was just so crappy. Lol Also, can we just touch base on the fact that Won was definitely more into Ha Na than she was into him?

Akua: Well, yeah, that’s been obvious the whole way through. Ha Na is blessed! Won has his issues - not communicative, doesn’t address the main issues, jealous (hahahaha), not the most exciting heart sizzler guy but he’s been there! He’s accepted all of her flaws - well up until they get married when he starts exerting some of his own needs - and loved her so deeply it’s ridiculous. I just don’t sense that Ha Na loves him like he loves her, but then again, I suppose we all have our own ways of loving?

June: I guess so! I’m guessing that maybe that’s just how her character was but it just seemed weird to me because of how her relationship with Seo Hoo was and then how it was with Won. I kind of wish we could get a preview of how the rest of their lives went like more down the line. Lol A girl could wish right?!

Akua: We could all wish. Like I wish I had seen more of the every day life of Ha Na’s parents. Did I say how much I loved them. They were too cute - her mom kind of flighty and silly while her dad was sort of serious and more grounded. Cutest parents I’ve seen in a while! Their little scenes were adorable - especially when she was pulling out his gray hairs or when he was feeling jealous because of Won’s words and gifts! Awwwwwwwwww

June: Ha Na’s parents and brother were A+ in this drama. I think if there was a spin off of her parents, I would totally watch it. Speaking of parent’s, we actually finally got a little more insight with Won’s mom! I had honestly thought she had passed away when first watching this drama but then she popped up at the end…..only for her to be really sick. :(

Akua: That was just the saddest story ever. I’m glad that they didn’t kill her off though because I think that would have been overkill. At least they’ve reconciled and have some time to be together before she passes away! Hopefully she’ll be around to see the baby! Yaaaaaay! And yeah, I would totally watch a spin-off of her family!

June: I know! If they would have killed her off that would have just been a k-drama cop out! Like why would you bring her in just to kill her off in the next five seconds! I feel like they do that often in k-dramas. Lol On a brighter note, I think their wedding scene was so perfect for them. It was on the street they grew up on and the whole ordeal was so them. I couldn’t think of a more perfect way for them to have gotten married. :’)

Akua: The wedding was perfect for them. I agree with you on that! The transition from her parents house to her hubby’s house! I mean they’ve spent their entire lives next door, known life only through those lenses even though they’ve traveled extensively. I think that Won matures Ha Na and Ha Na softens Won. Maybe that’s why the love seems lopsided?

June: Agreed! Also, can we just talk about how there’s a new couple! I’m glad Little Miss Flight Attendant finally got with someone else and got over her feelings for Won! I admit watching her in the beginning of the drama was kind of painful. I was just like girl you need to move on soon! Lol

Akua: Yaaaass! And did you notice how spicy she became talking about “you’re going to have to wait a year”? Mmmmmhmmm, smh - she’s a little fiery one!

June: Haha yes! I was like where was this sass in the beginning! Also what did you think about Ha Na making up with the Design Team Leader and her ex. I honestly could not stand those two people and knowing it took this long for them to be civil with Ha Na but hey at least it was all said and done.

Akua: How did that wench of a team leader at work, all of a sudden become Ms Let’s Play Well Together?? I don’t get it at all. And the ex? *side eye*

June: Exactly! She was so horrible throughout the whole thing and now she’s all friendly. I just don’t know!

Akua: The magical sprinkle happy-dust of KDrama, I suppose.

June: Right! Overall, I enjoyed this drama, it did have it’s ups and downs and there were definitely times where I wanted the characters to stop being so annoying but I like how it ended. It wasn’t the perfect drama but hey I’ll take what I can get!

Akua: Right! It was cute. I definitely think that they tried to capture the essence of a quiet love that grows over time. I would say that most friends who find themselves in love like Ha Na and Choi Won did would go through a lot of emotional conflict - especially if they don’t want to lose their friendship. I love Ha Na’s line about friends spending the rest of their lives together! Theirs is going to be a love just like their friendship and that makes sense! 

Anddddddd there we have it folks! A happy ending for our couple! What did you all think of the ending? Do you all like it or would you all would have liked to have seen something else? Comment below and tell us your thoughts!

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