Welcome back to another week of unspoken feelings, interfering second leads, and the promise of spicy chicken feet as Logan, June and I dish over the latest moments in the lives of our heroes on The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days!

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Akua: I have got to ask you ladies one question — can we get invited over to Ha Na’s house for dinner, lunch, breakfast, morning snack, running-out-of-the-door-fruit...anything? Ha Na’s mom’s food looks delicious! I pulled out my chopsticks when I saw the pancake!

June: Seriously! I’m lucky I have food whenever I watch this drama or else I would be so hungry! I swear dramas always make me so hungry with all the yummy food they make. I’m starting to get hungry as we speak! Lol

Logan: Her food does looking amazing! As evidenced by the fact that their house seems to be Won’s favorite restaurant- well, maybe there are a few other reasons he likes it there. Apart from being apparently the best chef in the world, Ha Na’s mom is always taking care of her loved ones in every way she can. After all Ha Na’s 34 and her mom still cleans her room for her.

Akua: I just get a warm, loving feeling whenever I see Ha Na’s family! And Doo Ri is too cute, Always complaining that their mom doesn’t focus on him as much as she talks about Won! And he is perpetually broke, scamming off of everybody -- even for his parent’s anniversary. Gotta love his slightly woebegone expression!

June: I love her family so much, especially her brother! You can tell he cares a lot about his sister but also I love how he’s trying to help get Ha Na and Won together. I think it’s families like this that make dramas so enjoyable to watch.

Logan: As an older sibling, that is so relatable! My younger sister acts just like Doo Ri. Lol. I like the scene between the brother and Ha Na’s co-worker. I saw some romantic sparks flying in the shoe store. I do hope we see some sort of future for those two. I think they’re adorable.

Akua: Oooh, we definitely saw sparks! Classic KDrama initial introduction involving a dispute, mistaken identity or misunderstanding that will eventually lead to looooove! Hehehehe. And speaking of love, what did I predict about Ms All-Up-In-The-Koolaid So Eun? She invites herself along for the bike ride when conveniently she can’t ride a bike so of course Choi Won has to pedal her along, hoping to make them feel uncomfortable only to find out that she’s the one left out! I have the same question that Choi Won has, “Why are you always expressing everything you feel?” Do you NOT see how your forwardness is pulling Ha Na and Choi Won closer?

June: As I’ve seen in comments from the web, she is a stage five clinger. She seriously annoyed me so much when she invited herself along. You can tell Won was like “wtf” when she showed up. She’s a nice girl and all but she seriously needs to take a step back and relax. It’s starting to be overbearing.

Logan: This girl is really hammering the nail into her own coffin. So Eun, it’s one thing to invite yourself along to an outing between two best friends. It’s a whole different level of desperation when you already asked if you could come along and were not invited. On top of that Won already (FINALLY!) told you that he only thinks of you as his co-worker. Don’t you have more respect for yourself than that, girl? I almost feel sorry for you. Almost, but not quite because you’re really getting on my nerves.

Akua: Hahahaha, yaaaaas hunty, yaaaas, Logan! So Eun needs to take about 500 steps to the left and sit down! And as if that wasn’t bad enough, she strikes up a conversation with Seo Hoo and agree to setting him up with Ha Na when she doesn’t know the history just because she’s curious? Girl, girl, girl, girl. Think! If he has to ask a stranger to help him out then maybe it’s because he’s been cut off and there are very good reasons for it? Don’t let your curiosity kill you, little girl because now you’re crying to Mi Hyang, asking why Choi Won was so mad? SMH. Overstepping boundaries little girl. You ‘bout to find yourself hurt!

Logan: Didn’t she think it was strange to set up a “blind date” between two people who already know each other? If Ha Na was willing to meet up with Seo Hoo he wouldn’t have had to involve So Eun. It only takes a little bit of logic in that situation to see there was a good reason Ha Na was avoiding him. So Eun really needs to mind her business. The fact that she told Seo Hoo “I think he likes his friend more than his girlfriend” is another fight I have to pick with her. Well, obviously! He already told her he didn’t like her like that.

June: This was just the icing on the damn cake. I was seriously about to throw my computer out of the window (just kidding computer I love you!!). This is just one of those moments where I am like she needs to mind her own damn business. I know she is obsessed with Won but she needs to take several seats down.

Akua: Is she delusional? At what point did Choi Won ever say that So Eun was his boo-thang? But why am I surprised? Seo Hoo is just as delusional! Now see, I really need some clarification ladies! If Ha Na was Seo Hoo’s only squeeze, why when they were dating was he fooling around with other women and lying to her about it? And what in the world makes him think that after jilting her at the altar without a word, leaving for a good 2-3 years, that she would just fall into his arms when he decided to waltz back into her life? Does he not have a single sensible and unselfish bone in his body?

Logan: I’m not sure how to feel about Seo Hoo yet. He’s such an enigma. We’re only getting to see pieces of all these past events and something tells me we’re not getting the whole story. Well, actually, Seo Hoo told us that we’re not getting the whole story. He definitely is completely arrogant. That’s one thing about him that’s obvious, but I feel like there’s more to the story. I can’t place my finger on why, but I don’t think he’s as bad as he seems. From his mannerisms, he didn’t seem like he was cheating at the club even though it looks suspicious. In the flashbacks it seemed like an engagement party to me. As to why he didn’t show up, it may not be a good one, but I’m interested in his reason.

June: That’s what I’m really wondering about. Like I know in K-Dramas there’s always more than what we see but I totally understand why Ha Na would never want to see him again. He’s trifling and doesn’t deserve to even be in Ha Na’s presence!

Akua: We’ll see, I guess what happened that led him to stand Ha Na up could be egregious but his arrogance and assumption that she would follow him or wait for him really got to me. No matter what happened, he owes her a major apology, explanations, respect for her space and definitely dropping to his knees in shame! Ha Na repeatedly says, “You haven’t changed. You’re saying whatever you want. You’re not listening to anyone but yourself. You’re only hearing what you want to hear.” Sending a large pink bunny and flowers is not enough after all those years.

Logan: I am with you both, he’s not winning anyone over with his personality. I was trying to figure out why Ha Na even seems tempted by him, but then I remembered the airport scene and that steamy kiss that they shared. Ha Na told Won when they were teenagers that she was going to find love through a kiss. She was looking for a crazy and passionate love and it seems like Seo Hoo has that passion and that’s what his pull is.

Akua: Maybe that’s one of the reasons why she didn’t allow herself to love Choi; other than the fact that he told her he would never love her? She seems to be more openly passionate than Choi about life in general so a passionate, “I miss you so I’m going to hug up on you in the airplane bathroom”, perhaps dramatic, sensual musician would appeal to her? We know that Choi is passionate - especially when it comes to Ha Na - but for many reasons, perhaps including his birth/upbringing and his absent mother has led him to subdue all his emotions? I’m so curious about his parents! I thought they were dead!

June: I was really surprised about his parents. I was pretty sure that they were dead as well. It kind of makes me sad that he is holding back his emotions. I just wish he could let go and just be able to tell Ha Na the truth. I feel like it would almost make him free in a way.

Logan: Ah, that airplane bathroom scene. I have to admit I was a bit scared when he went in there with her, I didn’t know where they were going with that scene, but it ended sweetly with them holding each other. Seo Hoo is such a contrast with his passion and spontaneity to the family-like comfort she has with Won. It makes sense that he’d be afraid to show his emotions deeply after being abandoned by his own mother. Even when he was in pain he didn’t want Ha Na to know and tried to keep it hidden. I was surprised to find out that she was alive too! That makes it almost worse since she chose to leave him!

Akua: Right! It almost does doesn’t it? And then to call him whenever she’s in a crisis? Candidate for worst emotionally unavailable yet never quite gone mom in a KDrama, maybe? SMH! I’m also curious about that wild fight scene. It seems that those bullies were beating up Choi Won so that he wouldn’t date her? Side note - if KDramas are anything like real life, I would never want to go to high school in Korea (yup, I’m looking at you ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and ‘Heirs’). So does that mean there were a whole crew of adolescent boys who were in love with her? But why would they beat him up about that? Does it have to do with his lack of parental support or presence? Aaaack, sooo many questions, not enough kimchi!

June: Seriously. I just don’t understand why they would do that to him even if they did like Ha Na. Like I just can’t fathom it. Sigh. I just hope we find out the real, real, real reason he can’t love her or whatever. I feel like we haven’t even scratched the surface.

Logan: I was so excited when we got to see more of that fight scene. I thought “we’re finally going to find out why Won thinks he can’t love Ha Na.” but then nothing! He doesn’t tell us! Instead, he just gives us a monologue asking if it’s okay to start loving Ha Na. Well, of course it’s okay but isn’t it a little far along in the game to be asking permission? He’s loved her for 7000 days, after all.

Akua: Hahahaha! Have you ladies noticed that in every episode and especially in this week’s, our heroes are finding motivation for changing their behavior based upon a chance remark from someone else about something else? Ha Na keeps thinking about Seo Hoo during her comforting session with her broken-hearted friend and Choi Won ends up rethinking how he should open up to Ha Na after talking to So Eun! Or what Choi Won’s co-workers say about love always hit him in the gut! It’s as if they’re living parallel existences with similar kinds of situations pushing them together and pulling them apart. What happens to one is happening to the other with a slightly different twist.

June: It’s definitely interesting to watch! It’s funny because we can see how they are really feeling and thinking yet the characters have no idea. It’s one of those moments where you wish you could just tell them everything to make things easier. But this is a K-Drama, so you know things are going to be dragged out for a while. Lol

Logan: Akua, I did notice and I kind of wanted to talk some sense into Ha Na when she was paralleling her friend’s rekindled romance to a possible reconnection with Seo Hoo. Fighting over wedding plans is not the same as having a man abandon you at your engagement party. Breaking up for three days is not the same as breaking up for three years! It’s apples and oranges! June’s right. It’s hard being a fly on the wall in this tangled mess of emotions. It would be so much easier to communicate on our characters’ behalf, but as it is we’re still watching the drama unfold. And it’s equally exciting as it is annoying. Haha.

Akua: June - true, it is KDrama soooo, we are just gonna have to order some more kimchi pancake and wait. Hehehehe. Logan, I do need these two to actually talk to one another - for real. But hey, they’ve been friends for 17 years with all kinds of unspoken feelings that we are not yet privy to - like that Ha Na told Choi Won that she wouldn’t love him either after he got beat up or how Ha Na knows that he was masking his emotions after his Mom left or that both of them hated each other’s lovers over the course of the years! I suppose with all of that history, it’s hard to finally open up - the consequences seem so deep if it doesn’t work out! Would you ladies be willing to possibly throw away a 17 year friendship over the promise of future love?

Logan: That’s such a good question, Akua! What a great way to put ourselves in Won’s shoes. Ha Na put it best when she said that Won was someone more important than her (future) husband or her family. They are the most important people in the world to each other. If it was me, I’d have to be positive the feelings were mutual to risk it. We criticize Won, but now that I think about it I don’t know if I could admit my feelings either. He’d be risking something so precious when-let’s be honest- most relationships don’t work out in the end.

June: That is a good question! Like should I want to risk losing the friendship forever or giving it a chance for something that could be really great. It is scary thinking about it, so I think I do understand Won in a sense. Wow this has really got me thinking. Of course, I kind of wish I did have a friend like Won. You know like that guy best friend who is there through thick and thin.

Akua: Yeah, it’s a tough choice for Won. Shoot, it’s tough choice for us! Hehehehe. Right June I was thinking the same thing as I watched these two episodes in particular. I have to admit, Seo Hoo’s comment about “Choi Won always following Ha Na” got to me. As much as we all love the idea of a Choi Won - best guy friend, always there, solid, dependable, reliable - would we feel somewhat suffocated from time to time? I mean, Choi is always there - ALWAYS there. He’s so sweet, friendly, nice but sarcastic and never shows any deeper romantic love for her. He seems to be the one to initiate most of their interactions and Ha Na falls in line. It’s been six episodes and already Ha Na has had 2 relationships that we’ve seen and Choi barely has one?

June: I was wondering if it was more like they’ve been friends for all these years now that it’s probably just routine to them now. But I could totally see how it could be somewhat suffocating from time to time. I think like now that Seo Hoo is back in the picture, he’s going to start being honest with Ha Na and his feelings for her. Well I hope he does.

Logan: I’m hoping with Won’s closing statement at the end of the last episode “Would it be okay if I started loving you?”, that we are going to see him step up his game. I would like to see him go head to with Seo Hoo in competition. Because after all this time he’s going to have to do more than just admit his feelings. He’s going to have to prove them.

Akua: What’s going on at the office, ladies? Who is that snarky wench who always misconstrues everything and somehow gets in on the good projects even though she should be slapped and then fired just for being her? Why is everybody always trying to be in Ha Na’s business? She seems to be on top of her game and it’s more so the men around her who want to force their way into her life than vice versa! How did her project that she spent an entire year on get snatched up by that blustering, little man?

June: Do not even get me started on that. I swear to the K-Drama lords, I cannot stand Ha Na’s boss. He is seriously so annoying and unfair. Also, I would be perfectly fine never seeing that lady ever again.

Logan: Uh, that lady! Slapping and firing someone for their horrible personality should totally be allowed. I was laughing at the fact that she’s on the “design team” but Ha Na is way more fashionable than her. Seriously, have you seen her outfits? They’re amazing. There’s nothing worse than killing it at work and with your outfits and still losing the project you worked on for a year.

Akua: Someone. Anybody. Help me. Understand how people in KDramas. Always. Pull. Strings. To. Force. Someone else. To spend time. With them? *throws hands up in the air in surrender* Ladies? How did Seung Hee force Ha Na to spend copious amounts of time with him while simultaneously getting her in trouble because of jealousy at work? #done #cant #wheresmykimchipancake

Logan: Seriously, hasn’t he heard that money can’t buy you love? Well, in all fairness the girl does choose the Chaebol 95% of the time in Kdramas. Maybe he’s just watched too many dramas. Lol. Poor Ha Na. It not like she wants guy trouble and now that’s what she’s known for, not all the years of her life she’s given the company.

June: I think it was just so unfair! She works so hard for that company! I wish she could go somewhere else where they appreciate her hard work.

Akua: I am definitely ready to see what Choi Won will do, Logan. And June, let’s hope Ha Na’s work situation doesn’t bottom out. What are your predictions ladies about next week?

Logan: I’m hoping we see a bold move from Won. He seems like he’s gearing up to throw his hat in the ring for Ha Na’s affections and for me it can’t happen soon enough. So I am optimistically predicting we’re going to see him admit his feelings next week. It’s a pretty bold prediction, I know, but go big or go home.

June: Same! Ugh I just want Won go in and take his relationship/friendship to the next level. I’m definitely #TeamWon all the way. Seo Hoo is way too arrogant for me and I need Ha Na to get her head straight. Seo Hoo stood you up and left for three years. Girl he is not worthy! lol Sorry I just have a lot of feels for that. Lol

Akua: June, no, no Seo Hoo is not worthy of anyone's attention except maybe So Eun! Hehehehe. I’m thinking we’ll see some awkward scenes between Ha Na and Choi Won as he makes his moves, more arrogance from Seo Hoo, So Eun being messy, Ha Na ignoring phone calls from a frantic Won and reminiscing about Seo Hoo and her family being too cute! Bring it on KWriters, we’re ready!


So what did you guys think of this week’s episodes? Is Seo Hee right about Choi Won? What’s Choi Won’s big move? Now that Ha Na has to work with Seo Hee, is her heart safe? Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below! We’ll make sure to check them out!

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