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Akua: Ladies, ladies, ladies — if anything bad happens to Ha Na right now, she deserves it. No sympathy given. No excuses made. Just suck it up and grin Ha Na, cause you done gone and messed up. And ain’t nobody coming to your rescue this time around! What the what??!! Have you lost your mind? SMH

Logan: I don’t even know where to start right now with Ha Na. I’m so disappointed and my heart...it just hurts so much. Lol. But seriously, seeing Won walk away from her in tears after comforting her!?! She should have been comforting him!!! This will probably go down as the worst decision she’s ever made.

June: I have cheered for Ha Na these past few episodes, but I just could not be on her side this week. There have been so many things she did that I could not be on board with. I just wanted to knock some sense into her. Like hello!!!! Haven’t you heard that history has a way of repeating itself. Ugh Ha Na ugh.

Akua: When she told Won that she had no power over her emotions I wanted to smack her. Woman, now the last time you were with this fool, you left all your critical thinking skills on the floor somewhere in Jeju Island, had an engagement party without your parent’s blessings and got left with nary a word and now this idiot comes back and you WALTZ right into his arms? Girl! GIRL! AND he hasn’t apologized, hasn’t stopped to ask you what you think/want, hasn’t realized that you aren’t the same woman that you were 3 years ago but you are going to sit there and cry in front of Won that you can’t help yourself? GIRL, BYE!

Logan: Exactly, Akua! Exactly! And let’s be real. It’s not her “emotions” that she can’t control. It’s something else, something a little more physical. Now granted, Ha Na and Seo Hoo have some REALLY intense chemistry. I get that she likes the excitement, but what has changed about Seo Hoo that she expects things to be different? Nothing! All she has to do is listen to everyone in her life that is telling her the exact same thing. Her friend, Na Young, puts it best when she tells her you can’t mend a broken pot. In other words, if it didn’t work the first time, why would it now?

Akua: *snaps fingers* Yes! Ha Na didn’t take any time to study him. No time! Why not after everything he did to her? But what she did see was the same man from three years ago - selfish, self-centered, egotistical, unwilling to compromise or be respectful of anyone else. How many times does he demand that Ha Na go with him to an event? Or how many times does he go to her workplace without notice and act in a distinctly unprofessional manner? We all know that her colleagues are looking to burn her at the stake at any given moment but has he even asked her about why she’s adamant that their relationship be a certain way at work? And HA NA sees it! She mentions how she thought he had grown up. CHIC, you should have checked out the cooler before you drank the kool-aid!

June: I don’t think I’ll ever understand her thinking with Seo Hoo. I feel like he’s never going to change and in the end, he’s going to end up hurting her again just like he did 3 years ago. I don’t understand why she isn’t taking her friend’s advice.

Logan: Imagine how frustrating it’d be to be her friend. Like girl, are you stupid? And Seo Hoo didn’t seem too bad at first only arrogant, but now ewww am I the only one who is started to get creeped out by him? First he tells Ha Na not to answer the phone when she’s with him and then he tells her that he wants to know everything she’s doing and everyone she’s with. That is so creepy and controlling. She’d better get out now. It’s only going to get worse.

Akua: He even reminds her by saying, “you know how obsessive I can be when I want something” aka I’m going to focus all my intensity on that one thing until it is mine. Uuuuuuhm, emotionally controlling maybe? Potential for emotionally manipulative behavior probably? And the thing is that at first you may be tempted to be flattered because he’s all about you all the time but if you open your eyes, you realize that it’s not about you and never has been about you. It’s about him, his needs and how you fit into his world. Remember he tells her that he’s the greatest piano player in the world? Ego! And how he posts their pic on social media without consulting her? Selfish! Run silly girl, run!

June: Yeahhhh, that part was definitely creepy and I just could not believe he said that to her. Also he’s way too controlling for me. I’m like you have no right to tell her what to do. Ugh, I just need him to go away.

Logan: That’s right, he did say that. That’s almost like saying “so obsessive I might chop up your friends in their sleep because they’re taking away from my time with you”. Okay so it probably won’t go that far. Maybe because he played a psycho in Pinocchio, but I can totally see him going off the deep end. The funny thing here and the thing that I’ve seen a lot of people who are watching the drama point out is that she doesn’t even seem to enjoy being with him. She hardly smiles and seems annoyed with him quite a bit.

Akua: I was just about to say that! There is no lightness in her interactions with him, no joy, no laughter. She seems cautious which I can understand but even in caution you would think she would be happier. When she and Won end up under the shelter during the rain, she talks about how much she misses their time together, smiles more with greater ease and says that in the past, feeling “a fluttering heart” (aka infatuation) was fine but not anymore. Rather they are a burden to her! Ha Na has matured in many ways but she still can’t see past the past.

Logan: Which begs the question, what is the point in Ha Na being with Seo Hoo? All of her friends are against it. Her family is vehemently opposed. Even if she was on cloud nine it would be hard to accept their relationship, but what’s the upside now? It is nice to see that this time around, she isn’t letting Seo Hoo turn her into someone else. She was a bad friend and a bad daughter and I couldn’t forgive her if she went down that path again, but also seeing her with someone that she doesn’t seem to like makes her seem kind of pathetic.

Akua: I think she’s searching for closure. She was wild about him and he left without a word. That had to be so painful for her except she never healed from it. If she had healed then she wouldn’t have gone back to him. I mean she keeps him hidden from her family for how long? Yeah, that should make her think! Why am I hiding my Boo from the fam? When her normally easy-going dad rebuked her and then went off on Won? I knew he was hurt! He didn’t even snap back at this wife with all her comments about Jeju Island! And when her mom saw Seo Hoo, did you see how she went into super-protective mode?

June: I just want to shake Ha Na and be like he’s not good for you and he’s toxic!! Literally no one around her even likes Seo Hoo! Hello, that should be a definite sign.

Logan: Yes, her mom went full-out Mama Bear! Her face showed the perfect combination of being horrified that Seo Hoo was there and disgusted by his presence. I think you’re right about her searching for closure. At first I thought maybe she felt unlovable after all the recent humiliations she’d had with men, but then Won, the most important person in her life, confesses to her. How could she feel unloveable after that? Maybe she would have been more open to Won if she was already healed from Seo Hoo’s wounds.

Akua: How telling was it when he asked his sister, “Do you think I may it look easy? It’s not easy.” He is in so much pain that I don’t know how he is making it. Those little smiles he has where he crinkles his eyes? *sigh* You and I both know he only does that when he’s in extreme pain and that’s all he did these two episodes. Can Ha Na be that oblivious to Won’s pain? SERIOUSLY? I wish Won had said something before Seo Hoo showed up because it’s sad to watch him pretend to be okay. Is he going to fake crinkle eye smile for the next 5 episodes???

Logan: It is seriously awful watching him in this much pain. I can’t remember a time when my heart hurt THIS much for a character. Ha Na has to know what she’s doing to him and yet, she still wants him to be her source of comfort. Even though I disagreed and thought she was stupid, I understood a little why she told Won she couldn’t push Seo Hoo away. As her best friend, she felt she had to be completely honest with him, even though it pained her to tell the truth too. But how oblivious she’s been acting since then is really starting to make me resent her.

June: I literally could not get behind her reasoning or actions towards Won at all. After everything Seo Hoo has done to her and everything Won has done AND been there through, she’s still going back to Seo Hoo?! Like girl, you are far too into Seo Hoo and I can’t even help to say that when he breaks your heart AGAIN, I’m not gonna even have sympathy for you.

Akua: After everything Won has done for her? EVERYTHING; she can’t see him for who he is? She said that he was masculine after returning from the trip. Masculine? He was always masculine! Did you see him in his army fatigues? I would have snatched him up as soon as he gave me the necklace! Granted we would have had some serious conversations about his past behavior denying loving me, but yo, we can still kick it! Ha Na is one selfish brat right now. Or has she always been selfish? I remember saying that she was the only one who truly understood Won’s emotional lability but now all I see is selfishness. Perhaps this is what the work colleagues were talking about? How Ha Na lets herself be consumed by relationships?

Logan: I know! I would have been bawling when he gave me the necklace. Like, finally! And I thought for sure when he returned from his soul-searching trip looking like Bear Grylls, that she wouldn’t be able to resist and she’d run into his arms. I mean, let’s be honest...who wouldn’t want to? Lol. Let’s talk about the fact that he even had to go on the trip to begin with? He did nothing but walk for a month because you rejected him and you have the nerve to even talk about Seo Hoo in front of him? No, I’m not cool with that, Ha Na.

June: I hate to say it, but even just seeing her interact with Seo Hoo and then her talking about him to Won just makes my blood boil. >:o Literally, does she not even care about Won’s feelings at all.

Akua: Good point. Spending one month walking because your heart is broken es no bueno but I don’t think she’s oblivious. I think she’s choosing not to engage Won. Did you see how uptight she was on the airplane when she realized Won would be their attendant? She’s pissing me off right now. I wish Won would just go on some dates but not with Ms Pushy McSulkikins! If THAT chic ain’t the saddest, most desperate woman I’ve seen in a loooong time! Food? No. Tickets? No. Can we be friends like you are with Ha Na. WOMAN, NO! #youdontknowme

Logan: Agreed and that’s what is so frustrating. Ha Na knows what she’s doing to him. I think it would be hard on them and it’d even be hard to watch, but in my opinion Won and Ha Na need to spend some time apart. That’s the only way she’s going to see how important he is to her. And So Eun definitely is not the right woman to mend Won’s broken heart, she is too far gone into desperate territory. It’s really sad to watch. Lol. Maybe we need a new spicy female character in the game to shake things up.

Akua: I would be onboard for a spicy female character! So Eun makes Won look even more pathetic. Meanwhile, one of the other juniors is peeping So Eun hard! SMH.‘Whom you like don’t like you and whom you don’t like do like you’. It’s an epidemic in this show! Even Mi Hyang! She fangirls over the young KPop stars and the older pianist! That scene was so funny though, especially when she realizes it was him that morning!

June: Oh my god, throwing in a new female character would be so much fun and I think I would not mind that at all. Ha Na needs to see that someone else can have and like Won.

Logan: I think one of us should cameo in the drama. Shake things up a bit. Lol. Oh, I loved seeing Mi Hyang fangirl over the pianist. It was so cute! They are totally going to be a couple. If not, I will have some very choice words for the writers. You can’t have a meet cute like that and then not lead into a beautiful romance. He’s a little weird, but I like it.

Akua: I agree! It’s classic KDrama - a negative and explosive first meeting that gradually becomes a deep and abiding love for the couple. Yup, sounds about right! Okay Writers, we expect more fireworks, awkward looks, hiding behind poles with sunglasses to tiptoe around each other and eventually a recognition of total love. LET’S GET IT!

Logan: I will say I’m a bit disappointed in the direction the budding romance between Ha Na’s brother, Dae Bok, and her co-worker is going. Seems to me that Ha Na’s co-worker likes Ha Na more than her brother. Haha. Which makes me sad for him, because he’s totally losing his cool over this cute girl. I still have hope for it, though. I’m sure the relationship will deepen.

Akua: I think that she admires Ha Na for her work skills and may be using Ha Na as a common topic that will ensure a positive response from Dae Bok. This way she keeps him engaged with her right? We always talk about how amazing our siblings are in real life so it makes sense that she would try to pull her in as a point of reference to launch her attack. Hehehehe

June: I think they are so adorable! Every time they are on the screen, I can’t help but go awww! Lol

Logan: That’s true and they did have a connection the first time they met at the shoe store. I just thought it was funny that she’s like “I want to be like Ha Na. Can I come to your house?” Lol. But I think you’re right. She’s just enthusiastic. I’m hoping she inspires Dae Bok to become a little more motivated. He notices things, but is never persuaded to act. I’d like to see some boldness from him.

Akua: Dae Bok needs a job! #getyolifedaebok #getyolife

Logan: I expect him to be fully reformed by the series end. Get to it writers. Haha. Well, despite my frustrations I’m really having a lot feels for this drama and am excited to see where it’s going to take us.

Akua: I am hoping we don’t have two more episodes like this. They were hard enough to watch as is, another two would just be too much! Something has to happen. Won needs to leave again! Now that he’s the face of the airline, he should be able to go abroad for a longer period of time to either vacation or work. I say that Ha Na is going to get hurt by Seo Hoo; Do Bak will get an unexpected kiss from his new girlfriend; Mi Hyang will somehow be thrown together with Pianist and the parents will end up going on another trip somewhere. Hehehehe but I’m not a KDrama writer soooooo….


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