It’s time for another chicken feet and soju trip into the world of Ha Na and Choi Won as they navigate the ways and means of love and relationships! Join June, Logan and myself as we talk shop about this week’s episodes of The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days!

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Akua: Won and Ha Na - they’re growing up ladies! As they’ve had to face their own emotional turmoil about the roles they play in each other’s lives and the feelings they have for one another, their happy-go-lucky times have all but dwindled away. They don’t stay up late drinking, eating or talking like they used to. They don’t play games with one another like they used to. They’ve gotten very serious! Ha Na talks about how she’s grown up but Cha Seo hasn’t and Won has an assurance and confidence about him now after his long trip away! Did anyone else notice that as they spend less time together, they are showing more maturity?

Logan: Absolutely. The maturity I like, but I miss those happy-go-lucky times too! Can’t there be a middle ground? I have to say I was getting worried towards the end of Episode 11. If this is what it was going to be like with them apart, both so serious, I didn’t know if I could keep watching; I was getting a little bored with it honestly. Thankfully Episode 12 brought in some twists for us. I think things are going to get quite fun again.

June: I agree with both of you all. I knew it was only a matter of time before all the happy times where they spent most of their time together was going to stop. I feel like a part of me didn’t want that to end but alas. I knew that with Cha Seo Hoo’s entrance to this whole drama was definitely going to change everything. I think there’s a part of me that will never accept Seo Hoo for Ha Na.

Akua: The happy times were a reflection of that semi-idyllic early adolescence that I think most of us had growing up -- well, at least a little of; the kind of youthful, optimistic, go with the flow perspective that we had, you know? But in order for these two to discover who they are, they have to spend time living apart. Yeah, their relationship is the but it was also inhibiting their own personal growth - the relationships kept them in a kind of stasis you know? Even among their friends it was always “buy one, get one free” with them! How could they truly know the value of their friendship if they were never in danger of losing it?

June: True that, true that. I agree! I feel like it was also a part of them that was that they were so comfortable with each other but as you said, in order for them to discover things they have to be apart. As much as I miss those happy go lucky times, I think they do have to go through this rough time in order for them to become stronger and figure out what they really feel for each other.

Logan: I have to admit that when Ha Na was first icing Won out, I was really mad. But I totally agree with you both that it was important to their friendship, to get a little time apart and see what their lives would be like without each other. I am glad that Won was stubborn and insisted that they work through the awkwardness. That’s what real friends do after all. I also like his attitude. He’s just going to be himself and make his feelings known and leave it at that. He knows he can’t control Ha Na’s heart.

Akua: Right, that’s how you know that Won loves her. When the parents are pissed and the brother is freaking out, Won just lets her be. He doesn’t make excuses for her behavior but he doesn’t leave her to drown either. Even when Ha Na said those unkind words about putting their relationship on ice after Immature Boy’s accusations about Ha Na and Won, Won kept doing him. He recognizes Ha Na’s value and that if he tries to push her away from Crazy Pianist he’ll end up damaging the true jewel in this grown - their relationship (even Moms said Ha Na is stubborn). Side note, I need Crazy Pianist to stop assuming he knows everything, he can do everything, he’s the only one who is putting any effort into the relationship and to give Ha Na SOME credit.

June: Seo Hoo needs to just back the hell off. One thing that annoys me so much about this whole thing is that I feel like he thinks Ha Na is already his property or something. He just feels so controlling and I just don’t like his vibes at all. Like calm down, you crazy fool.

Logan: Yeah, I’m still getting the creeps from Seo Hoo. He’s honestly shocked whenever Ha Na makes it clear that she’s not his property; like he genuinely believed that she was. I have to admit, I felt a tiny bit bad for him when Director Min showed up. Be careful what you wish for! I take back everything I said about wanting a new spicy female on this show. She SCARES me. She just seems so evil, that I feel uncomfortable just looking at her. Something tells me that the level of manipulation she’s performed on Seo Hoo is off the charts. She’s definitely taken advantage of him in some way or another.

Akua: Hahahahahaha June - yaaaaaaaaas hunty, yaaaaaaas! “Crazy Fool”. I like that name. Logan, girl, Director Min has her claws deep in Seo Hoo! She likes him and not just for his musical skills but for his neediness, his mood swings, his passion and ‘artistic temperament’ shall we say? He’s exciting for her and in the same way that Seo Hoo wants to control Ha Na, she wants to control him. She is a master manipulator - pulling on Seo Hoo’s strings just like the puppet he is. Only I think he recognizes that he’s a puppet. He just can’t figure out how to cut the strings.

June: Yeahhhhhhhhh that Director is definitely not here to play. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. It’s no wonder why she’s his company director or whatever. They are basically like the same person with the same personality.

Logan: That’s true. I never thought about how similar they are. Both creepy and manipulative. She seems a little bit more sinister to me, which for story-telling purposes I think will be fun. I really want to know the real reason that Seo Hoo didn’t show up to the engagement party. Was it something he did by choice? Was it something she forced him to do? I’m nervous for Ha Na, but I feel like I need to know right now! Lol. And I think she’s going to tell us.

Akua: It’s unfair for Seo Hoo to be so demanding and suspicious of Won when he’s not willing to explain why he never showed up or why he never contacted her. He challenges Ha Na right? Goes off on her by saying that she doesn’t ask because she doesn’t care about him, his efforts or the relationship but she fired right back at him reminding him that she sacrificed more than he ever did. Even her little brother talked about her behavior after he abandoned her as being scary. Her friends said that when they were dating the first time, they never saw him. She gave up her work, her family, her friends, her obligations and responsibilities for him before and he shredded her heart. He has to back off and recognize that he can’t just rush in with “I’m sorry” THREE years later and expect that just because he’s okay, everyone else is too. Rubbish and Nonsense!

Logan: At this point I don’t think he’ll ever be able to make up for what a tool he’s been. I was surprised that he apologized after going off on her. He did seem to understand that he was in the wrong, but what good did it do when it didn’t change his behavior? He’s still treating Ha Na horribly. Can you believe that he said he’d do whatever it took to make sure that he didn’t lose her again and she flat out tells him - if you leave we’re done. And he leaves without giving it much thought. It’s like he doesn’t take her seriously, but how telling is that of how little he must think of her? Poor Ha Na, I can’t imagine how that’d feel.

Akua: Unfortunately, I can. When you love someone so much that you just want to make it work out but the right way and he STILL doesn’t get it? Uhm, that hurts! And at some point, if you love yourself, you’ll walk away with your head held high!

June: This is exactly why I can’t side with Ha Na or agree with her decisions. Seo Hoo treats her like crap, once they have a fight she just forgives him after he says sorry and he is so crazy whenever she is just around Won. Like can’t you see that he’s just not good for you!! Now, we have this crazy Director who will probably ruin things even more than they are. Like girl, you need to run.

Logan: I’m curious as to whether they’re really over or not. Seo Hoo doesn’t seem to think so, but to me if I say we’re done, we’re done. I don’t know if I can respect Ha Na at all if she didn’t mean it. For me, the fact that I told him it’d be a deal breaker and he disregarded me would be the biggest deal-breaker at all. I think we saw the seed of her opening her heart to be receptive of Won’s feelings when she realized why he told her he didn’t love her and I’m hoping it blossoms in a big way which will push Seo Hoo out of the picture. Which by the way, can I say, FINALLY!!!! It only took 12 episodes to find out the backstory with Won, but I didn’t expect it to be so sad  :(

Akua: I’m going to go ahead and say it. I was too sad watching Won as he bravely lived his life knowing how much he loves Ha Na but can’t be with her! Talk about heart breaking!!! #icouldnt. Going to the food truck lunch, going on his flights, working out and watching tv while all he wants is to love Ha Na and be loved in return! UUUUGH! And then they had to bring his old teacher in AND LET HIM DIE??? A really cool teacher by the way, who cared for all his students and wanted the best for them? Oooooh drat you KDrama writers, drat you! *blows nose in super soft, lotioned tissues*

June: OH MY GOD I KNOW. The whole teacher thing was just too much for me. Like way to pull the heartstrings so much! Nothing screams #KDrama than all of those elements you mentioned Akua!

Logan: He really was a great teacher. He obviously paid attention to his students and noticed a lot about them that they couldn’t see about themselves. I mean, the fact that he kept their mementos all those years. Where were those kinds of teachers when I went to high school? I hope we get a glimpse into what exactly Won wrote in his screenplay. Was it just the story of how he came to love Ha Na?

Akua: I must know! I must know what was in that screen play! AAAARGH! What was the revelation in the plaaaaaaaaaaay? Sigh. But pause - little brother’s got some moves! And so does classical pianist/teacher. He was so slick with how he asked her out and dropped his number in the CD cover! MY MAYNE! Love is flourishing for everybody BUT Ha Na and Won. And who could forget Ha Na’s mom and dad? They love each other to bits and pieces! Did you catch the scene where he’s putting the hot pack on her back? *insert huge wobbly eyes full of love here*

Logan: I’m absolutely in love with these pairs of lovers. Haha. But seriously, these side romances are becoming my favorite part of this drama. First of all Dae Bok and his girl are totally adorable, but it’s Mi Hyang and the teacher that I love. I love how they contrast each other. She’s idealistic and he’s realistic, but somehow it works. He’s so laid back and while she pretends to be annoyed, she really likes him. I’m glad that Won flat out told her to go for it. And Ha Na’s parents will forever be my #relationshipgoals.

June: Seriously these side romances are moving better and more interesting than the main one. But I assume it’s because we don’t have to deal with the push and pull and all this mess that the main couple is going through.

Akua: This whole drama so far has been about #relationshipgoals and #pushandpull! I honestly don’t know what will happen next week. Will Ha Na be able to let Seo Hoo go? If she does, can she see Won as a real option? What do you ladies think?

Logan: I think Seo Hoo’s going to come back and expect to be on good terms with Ha Na, but she’s not going to have any of it. I think she’s going to see Won more and more as a man throughout the next couple episodes and she’s going to have to face the fact that she might have feelings for him.

June: I really hope what you said is too Logan. If she welcome back that crazy fool, I am definitely not going to be happy. I also just want to point out that seeing Won cry is too much for me to handle!! I need no more of that in this drama!!

Akua: Agreed. Won should never be made to cry. Ever! Seeing him release his guilt about never handing over the notes to Ha Na was revealing as was Ha Na being so candid about all the gossip and rumors floating about school about her! This drama, sheesh! The characters are just too real! Alright, I’m ready for next week now. Bring it!

What about you!? Do you think Ha Na will see the true worth of Choi Won? What's really going on between Seo Hoo and Director Min? What was in that screenplay? Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below! We’ll make sure to check them out!

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