Whether or not you end up loving a K-drama has a lot to do with the ending. Some K-dramas start out great but go downhill and are totally ruined by their finales. Other dramas have fantastic, satisfying endings that leave us happy and complete. Keep reading to see which K-drama endings we think are the best!

SPOILER ALERT: Because we are talking about K-drama endings, there will be some spoilers below! While we will try not to go into too much detail, the way these dramas end will be discussed. If you haven't finished a particular drama, we recommend scrolling right on past it below!

The 10 dramas below are listed in no particular order, but are definitely on our list of greatest, most satisfying K-drama endings!

1. Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince as a whole was a fantastic drama, and the ending, in particular, was the perfect conclusion to an amazing story. The ending is so satisfying because everyone found their personal happiness. But even as the characters were given happy endings, the last episode wasn't overly sappy or overdone, and it is the perfect example of how a drama can do a fast-forward in time kind of ending. You will definitely finish watching this drama with a smile. After the roller-coaster of emotions this drama sends you on, the smile on your face is very welcome.

2. Answer Me 1997

Answer Me 1997 was an incredibly well told story of what it is like to grow up and evolve as an individual and as part of a friend group. The themes of the drama — first loves, heartbreak, family — are all ones we can relate to. The finale of Answer Me 1997 is a great ending to the trajectory of the show. It delivers exactly what I wanted as a viewer — a satisfying resolution for each character that we have seen grow over the course of the series as well as a beautifully articulated reflection on the show as a whole. If you haven't seen Answer Me 1997, it is a good one to watch.

3. Shut Up Flower Boy Band

The finale of Shut Up Flower Boy Band is a satisfying conclusion to a consistently amazing series. In fact, given how steadily awesome this drama was from start to finish, I would expect nothing less from the finale. There are certainly questions left unanswered and holes in each of the characters' stories, but over the course of the series you get to know and love the characters so deeply that you are okay with some open endedness. I can imagine each character continuing to live their lives, so I didn't necessarily need the writers of the drama to spell everything out for me. Overall, Shut Up Flower Boy Band is a beautiful coming-of-age story that is fantastic form beginning to end.

4. Kill Me, Heal Me

This drama ranks in the best of the best for me — from start to finish! There is so much love contained in the finale, and after such as tumultuous and emotional series, that is exactly what I needed. Ri Jin and Do Hyun's relationship is absolute perfection because it works for them. They love each other and depend on each other, and they are all they need. The message Kill Me Heal Me leaves us with is amazingly satisfying and important — our loved ones are there for us to lean on and depend on, and with them we can seek out truth despite our fears. And most importantly, everyone is worth saving. We are never so broken that we can’t be helped with love, compassion, patience, and some more love.

5. My Love From Another Star

While I do question the producers' decision to extend My Love From Another Star for an additional episode because the ending did feel a little dragged out, I have to admit that the drama ended on its own terms, and I ended up wanting nothing more or less from the finale. Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon never were a conventional couple, so it is fitting that any relationship they would be able to build for themselves would be unconventional as well. There were many times while I was watching My Love From Another Star that I forgot the drama was primarily a type of sci-fi, fantasy melodrama. Do Min Joon is an alien, and as far as typical dramas go, that's weird. But My Love From Another Star does such a good job of getting you to completely accept the premise and assumptions it is based on that you don't think of Do Min Joon's alienness as odd. The finale does a great job of bringing this reality back home and reminding us of Do Min Joon's inhuman nature while grounding this reality in their undying love for each other.

6. It's Okay, That's Love

The final message It's Okay, That's Love leaves with its viewers is one of hope. And that is exactly what we needed. The finale, most notably the final scene, is certainly idyllic to a point, but when considered within the trajectory and scope of the entire show, it is definitely not light-hearted. This series deals with a lot of heavy, heavy issues and there are many things that are not completely resolved ,so having a completely happy-go-lucky ending would be disingenuous and unrealistic. And It's Okay, That's Love manages to stop right before that point while still being satisfying and hopeful.

7. Marriage, Not Dating

Marriage Not Dating comes full circle with its finale and is a perfect way to reconnect with the characters and their beautiful relationship! The show manages to tie up all the loose ends naturally without pushing the story too much. This drama was so fun to watch, and it ends on such a great note with everyone getting the ending they deserve. You're left feeling like you will miss Ki-tae and Jang-mi and their crazy, messed-up families but are satisfied enough with the ending that you can move on with them.

8. Oh My Ghostess

Oh My Ghostess's finale just aired a few weekends ago, and I'm still blown away by how awesome it was! One of the reasons it was so satisfying was the way it dealt with Soon Ae. By the time the finale rolled around, Bong Sung and Sun Woo were already together, so that story arc was resolved. But Soon Ae's role in the show and relationships with each of the characters still needed to be concluded. Soon Ae had a really profound impact on all the other characters, especially Bong Sun, and the producers of the show definitely gave her the ending she deserved.

9. Emergency Couple

The message I took from Emergency Couple is that no one is perfect. All we can do is learn from our mistakes and try to do better next time.  That is definitely what Jin Hee and Chang Min do. They recognize that their relationship doesn't have to be perfect, but if they respect and love each other, they can really be happy with each other. This finale was so satisfying to me because it completes the characters' transformations into more understanding, respectful, and hardworking people.

10. City Hall

If any couple deserved a happy ending, it's Mi Rae and Jo Gook in City Hall. These two have been through it all! Tears, heartbreak, breakups, you name it! But these two are made for each other, and they deserve to be happy with each other. This was a drama that started off rocky for me but only got better and better as the story line progressed.

Which drama do you think had the best ending? What about the worst ending? Share your thoughts down below in the comments section!

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