Fans have overwhelmingly told us how much you love Big Bang in the last week. We are all excited for their new album to come out. Here are their ten most-watched videos on YouTube to hold you over till their comeback. 

Now this list does not include their solo projects or duets; it had to be all 5 of them. I can tell you, however, that the top seven videos on our list ranked higher than any of their solo project videos. 

Here are the Big Bang videos you've watched most. 

10.  With 26.1 million views, it's "Garagara Go!!"

9.  With 28.9 million views, it's "Koewokikasete" (Let me hear your voice)

8. With just over 32 million views, it's "Love Song"

7.  With 42.7 million views, it's my personal favorite, "Monster"

6. With 45.7 million views, it's "Tonight"

5. With 48.9 milion views, it's "Haru Haru"

See how three women from the Joseon Era navigate life, love, and social status in the historical drama Maids:

4.  With 52.2 million views, it's their collaboration with 2NE1, "Lollipop"

3. With 55.1 views, it's "Bad Boy"

2.  With 55.4 views, it's "Blue"

1.  Stomping all over the competition with just over 134 million views, it's "Fantastic Baby" 

Whenever I play this song, my 9 year old spends the next 30 minutes saying, "bam....fantastic baby."  lol

I know we're all anxious for their new album. Did your favorite song make our list?  I know "Love Dust" is one of my favorite songs, but you guys don't watch it enough to make this list. (chuckles)

Tell us in the comments below which Big Bang songs you like best.