As a K-drama and K-pop fan, you know better than anyone else that at times it feels like South Korea is just the codename for Neverland. It appears to be a land where everyone is young and no one besides halmoni is old. Now as much as I crush on all the guys my own age and younger, I still find myself getting mega crushes on a hot ajusshi every now and then. You know, the ajusshi's who are just a tad bit older than the oppa's but you still have no problem what so ever calling them oppa if they asked you to. Listed below are the top ten actors over 35 in no particular order who no matter how old they are, you'd still call them "oppa."

10. Bae Yong Jun

He's 40 and fabulous and I WILL call him oppa no matter how old he is. I look at him and think "Hmm so this is what my Kim Hyun Joong will look like in 13 years. I'm happy with this future outcome"

Bae Yong Joon

Just look at him with that long hair up in a pony tail. Totally handsome

Bae Yong Joon2

9. Jang Dong Gun

41 years old, looking real good in that suit vest.

Jang Dong Gun

Those white pants.

Jang Dong Gun2

8. Joo Jin Mo

38 years old with such a lovely mouth. It's like one side of his lip is just a little higher than the other which makes him sexy.

Joo Jin Moo

He kind of has that "bad boy" look to him right?

Joo Jin Moo2

7. Kim Min Jong

42 years old with a very handsome and preppy sort of look. He wears that scarf so well.

Kim Min Jong2

His jaw line, its so defined and his side profile is just so cute!


6. Kim Sung Soo

40 years old and he almost made me mentally crack while watching Full House. Like I'm not even gonna lie, I'm mad he's married. (-_-)

Kim Sung Soo

 Perfect example of why gorgeous men shouldn't just be standing around in suits. Some girl will walk by, get distracted and trip.

Kim Sung Soo2

5. Lee Byung Hun

42 years old and soon to be taken off the market by Lee Min Jung!

Lee Byung Hun

Um, your shirt is wet ^_^

Lee Byung Hun2

4. Lee Jong Hyuk

38 years old with the cutest eye smile! See, when he smiles, his eyes smile, which equals AWW!

Lee Jong Hyuk

You can currently catch oppa and that eye smile in Dating Agency: Cyrano

Lee Jong Hyuk2

3. Lee Sung Jae

42 years old and devilishly handsome!

Lee Sung Jae

I know right now a lot of you Gu Family Book fans can't even deal with his evil character right now, but look at that precious smile!

Lee Sung Jae2

2. Ryu Jin

40 years old, and will never ever be an ajusshi!

Ryu Jin 2

If you saw Baby Faced Beauty then you know he was just heaven in those fitted black suits!

Ryu Jin

1. Kwon Sang Woo

36 years old and totally dreamy!

Kwon Sang Woo

He's so good looking it's slightly intimidating, or it might be because he's posing in front of a wall of guns.

Kwon Sang Woo2

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KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE