by Sarah Chrzastowski:
Just about everyone has experienced karaoke, and some even have their own “karaoke song” that they sing every time the mic is in their hands. Let’s face it: Few things are as fun as getting a group of friends together and belting out a few off-key tunes. Many kdramas show characters singing karaoke, oftentimes in a noraebang, or karaoke room. Sure, it’s fun to see drama stars jumping around and singing their hearts out, but sometimes karaoke scenes are downright awesome. Allow me to present my top 4 kdrama karaoke moments (and feel free to leave your favorite karaoke scenes in the comments).

4. Dream High: Pil Sook and Jason Go On A Date Okay, it’s not really a date, but Pil Sook’s enormous crush on Jason finally yields some results when he invites her to go to a noraebang with him. Jason’s angry and wants to blow off some steam by singing the way he wants to, instead of following the rigid structure set by Kirin Art School.  Pil-Sook is just happy to be spending time with Jason, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re alone together in a small room, singing love songs. Later Jason will play this off, saying that he took Pil-Sook to the noraebang out of boredom, but we all know this was the first moment love started to bloom between Jason and Pil-Sook.

3. My Lovely Sam Soon: Jin Heon parties with Sam Soon’s Family Ever the devoted boyfriend, Jin Heon spends the day with Sam Soon doing everything she always dreamed of doing with a boyfriend. Unfortunately, the final task for Jin Heon is meeting Sam Soon’s family. Sam Soon’s mom is far from pleased to hear about her daughter’s relationship with Jin Heon, but Jin Heon does his best to make a good impression. Mama Kim breaks out the homemade alcohol and gets Jin Heon good and drunk, then the whole family goes to the noraebang. After their drunken singing session, Sam Soon’s mom and sister finally accept Jin Heon. To be honest, the main reason I love this scene is because we get to see Hyun Bin act drunk, complete with ridiculous facial expressions and a tie around his head.

2. You’re Beautiful: Mi Nyeo’s Tearful Goodbye I’ve written before about how much I love Mi Nyeo and Tae Kyung together, so it’s understandable that this scene brought tears to my eyes. Mi Nyeo told Tae Kyung that after they parted ways she would let him know somehow that she was ok. She uploads a video to an A.N.Jell fansite of herself in a noraebang, with her face somewhat obscured, singing tearfully to Tae Kyung. He immediately understands what she’s doing and gets angry that she ended things so impersonally – now there’s no chance they can meet again. Of course, the two end up together in the end, but even knowing that, this scene left me an emotional wreck (in a good way).

1. Lie To Me: Karaoke Kiss Lie To Me wasn’t one of my favorite dramas, but it had its kissing game down pat. The cola kiss was great (although I couldn’t help thinking how sticky they must have been), but it’s the surprising, passionate kiss over karaoke that takes the number one spot on this list. Ah Jung borrows Ki Joon’s house to throw a fake housewarming party, and near the end of the festivities the group ends up singing karaoke. Ah Jung and Ki Joon duet together, and while singing Ki Joon realizes his feelings for Ah Jung. Before she or the audience knows it he’s laying a big kiss on her – in front of all the party guests. And this isn’t a closed mouth peck, Ah Jung and Ki Joon full on make out. Be honest, how many of you replayed that scene a few times?
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