As we all know, Halloween is just around the corner - a day full of junk food, cosplay, and just pure fun. However, it can also be a person's worst nightmare, especially if you meet some people who we should never ever see in our lives. Here are 5 scary anime characters we should ALL keep an eye out for:

1. Johan Liebert from "Monster"

Alright, this character by far is the scariest anime character I have ever seen. The picture above is from the manga...EQUALLY DISTURBING! A crazy psychopath like him, opening a door to invite you into his home? NO THANK YOU!!! *runs away screaming*

I won't say much for those who haven't watched the anime, but if you haven't watched this yet...what the hell are you waiting for? Go ahead and watch it! Sure, you might feel quite uncomfortable during the anime, but seriously, you won't regret watching it!

2. Yuno Gasai from "Mirai Nikki"

This is seriously the craziest 14 year old girl I have ever seen in an anime before (And I've seen some CRAZY stuff over the years)! Her presence in the anime is just menacing, and her bi-polar personality is pure creepy. You seriously would not want to bump heads with her on Halloween, or any day for that matter. Just check out the clip below. I had to go with this one since it seemed the least spoiler-filled clip I could find.

3. Miyu from "Vampire Princess Miyu"

Miyu is a pretty badass character, but still quite creepy none the less. Both the anime and the OVA portray her differently. For a more tamed Miyu, check out the anime version. As for the more mysterious/creepy Miyu, definitely the OVA. Actually, on second thought, just watch both of them.

4. Count D from "Pet Shop of Horror"

For someone who is an ultimate pet lover, meeting this man may not be fulfilling your wildest dreams (yes, the picture above is a man, not a woman). I have to admit, the manga is just as creepy as the anime is, and it still does the job at haunting you with not so fluffy bunnies and cute birdies. If he ever came up to me to offer a pet rabbit, I'd probably drop the poor thing like a hot potato and run away! Yep, definitely not someone I'd want to see on the night of a full moon!

5. Lucy from "Elfen Lied"

A childhood-traumatised girl who becomes a human killing machine simply by using psychic-like abilities to slice objects like jelly i.e. people's heads?! If that isn't a sign for you to run away, then there may be something quite wrong with you (sorry, someone had to let you know) With her split personality as well, everything just seems wrong about hanging around with this girl. Nope, I most certainly am not sticking around to see what this crazy person might do!

Some other characters who mustn't be ignored include Megumi Shimizu from "Shiki (Corpse Demon)" and Shion Sonozaki from "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni".

Please, heed my words. If anyone of the above pop out before you on your precious Halloween night, DO NOT STICK AROUND TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS! Seriously, don't even THINK about it lol ^^~

Let me know below in the comments what characters have seriously freaked YOU out before. Have a Happy Halloween~~(or at least try ^__^)

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