Wrapping up You Are All Surrounded and reflecting on the perfidy of Assemblyman Yoo, I realize I have become completely spoiled. I am used to my K-drama villains so ruthless, evil and crazy, that a man with a 20 year slow climb to power got a “meh, I guess he’s bad.” K-dramas have a wide variety of villains and some you love to hate. Sometimes you just need to stand up and cheer when these Baddies get their due. Here are five villains we love to hate:

5) Lee Hye Young as Jun Pyo’s mom in Boys Over Flowers.

Face it: you all hate her almost as much as you love Pretty Lee Min Ho. Jun Pyo eventually won us over, getting over his jerky, entitled self in the wake of Jan Di’s awesomeness. His mom? Well, Jun Pyo got his tendency to run roughshod over everyone and strut around like the Lord of Creation from somewhere. Giant fur collars don't just saunter down hallways by themselves you know.

How do we count her evil ways? Pushing her daughter into a loveless marriage, exacerbating the worst spoiled brat tendencies in her son, bankrupting Jan Di’s family, running them off, and forcing her to live on the streets. Lest we forget, telling her children their father is dead and hiding his comatose body. She’s not as bad as:

4) Park Si Yeon as Han Jae Hee in Nice Guy.

I will never, never trust this actress, no matter her future roles, because she was so awful in Nice Guy. The ex-girlfriend you worry is lurking in the background ruining a good guy’s life? Yeah, that’s her. In the beginning you sympathize with her, but every bit of goodwill you extend to her gets squandered in her toxic grasping. She doesn’t deserve you Kang Ma Roo!

Stay safe in the army Song Joong Ki!

3) Han Jin Hee as Han Tae Joon in I Miss You.

Now, I know that Harry was the main romantic antagonist in I Miss You. Yoo Seung Ho’s good looks are no excuse for his cray-cray ways.

Harry was driven bonkers by the sadistic maliciousness of Han Tae Joon. He sics dogs on a small child, locks a woman up in an insane asylum for years, and does his best to nurture unmerited guilt in his psychologically fragile child. Evil! Evil!

2) Park Ki Woong as Kimura Shunji in Bridal Mask.

I admit it. I have a love/hate/love relationship with Shunji. I was so all over the map with him and our hero, Lee Kang To...

... is not exactly as pure as the driven snow. However, he makes the list because he chooses revenge and torture with open eyes. Any show that makes your eyes well with tears and a hoarse “Free Joseon!” fall from your lips deserves a complicated villain to deliver some feels.

1) Yoo Oh Sung as Gi Cheol in Faith.

What words are there for this megalomaniacal, manipulative petty tyrant with armies full of goons to do his bidding? Gi Cheol is the Korean answer to a Bond Villain, smooth and assured enough to laugh and send the frickk’n King of Korea jumping through hoops. Regicide? All in a day’s work my good man! Poisoning small children? Tut-tut, think nothing of it! Deciding to ascend to heaven and dethrone God? Well, one has to have goals in life! And he does it all rocking a silver hair pretty like it’s no big thang!

Who do you love to hate? Did I miss your favorite Bad Guy? Sound off in the comments!