Just yesterday, I wrote about the 60cm tall Skytree Shaved Ice in Miyazaki prefecture, widely popular amongst local kids and visitors. Today, I'm writing about shaved ice again, but this one is for adults only.

Rooftop HiBall Garden Soradoko, a farm-to-table izakaya in Tokyo created by Tsukada Farms, is known for the high-quality and fresh farm ingredients used in their food items, and they're now offering special, limited, summertime only shaved ice. This original shaved ice comes to your table with a thin piece of fresh lemon on top and extra lemon syrup, which is already enough to make the shaved ice look delicious. But what comes next is the main event.The waiter slowly pours a mini-bottle of Yamazaki whiskey, aged 12 years, over the ice. The resulting shaved ice is refreshingly ice cold, and will also get your buzz going. The best part about eating this, is that when you get to the bottom, the melted ice and leftover whiskey are waiting to be poured down your throat.

This adults only shaved ice costs 1200 yen, or about 12 dollars. High-quality food and high-quality whiskey shaved ice ... sounds like a perfect way to spend a hot, humid Tokyo night.

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