Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, and some of us are still stuck wondering what to get our friends and family for gifts this year. It's a known fact that Hello Kitty brings joy to the entire world and beyond, so why not give that special someone the gift of cuteness this year? Below is a list of 20 of the most awesome Hello Kitty gifts out there today. 

Now don't fret; there's something for everyone, ranging in price from pauper to baller. For more information on a product or to purchase, just click the price located with each product description. So go on, scroll down to the wonderful world of Hello Kitty Christmas gifts!

20. Limited Edition Hello Kitty Pop-Up Party Eyeshadow Palette 

In celebration of Kitty's 40th anniversary, Sephora is offering a special limited edition eye shadow palette with 20 colors ranging from shimmery to matte. When you open the lid, a 3-D Kitty pop-up is displayed! $26.00

19.  New Era Hello Kitty 59Fifty Cap

A perfect cap for collectors or just people who love both Hello Kitty and caps...duh! $36.00

18. Hello Kitty Ruby Hand-Held Mirror

Not only look luxurious, but look at yourself luxuriously! Sephora has its paws on an exclusive limited edition hand mirror made with close to 2000 jewels! Someone tell Jaejoong about this! You can have your own Kitty mirror or give one for $195.00

17. Hello Kitty Travel Mug Gift Set with Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix Included

Sometimes the simple and practical gifts are the ones most appreciated. Everyone loves a good travel mug, and with Hello Kitty on the cover, mornings might just be a little more tolerable. $5.53

16. Hello Kitty Sweet Pink Wine

How pretty is this bottle?! Any wine lover would love a bottle of this sweet deliciousness, especially when it sounds so yummy: "Hello Kitty sweet pink wine is made from pinot noir and chardonnay grapes." $24.95

15. Hello Kitty Sparkle Tote Bag with Keychain and Markers

Truth be told, I actually bought two of these for two of my nieces because it's awesome! It's a Kitty tote bag that they can color and decorate themselves. This kit comes with 4 markers, gemstones, and a keychain for just $13.47

14.  Jeffrey Campbell Hello Kitty Lita Booties

Jeffrey Campbell shoe fans and street-fashion fashionistas will absolutely love getting a pair of these this holiday! $200.00

13. Hello Kitty Japanese 3D Acrylic Glue-on Nails

These nails are so cute and are available in different Kitty designs. These are custom made, so unless you know everyone's finger measurements, splurge and get them as a gift for yourself! $35.00

12.  Hello Kitty Beats Solo2 Headphones

Listen to your music in total "cute style" with special 40th anniversary Hello Kitty Beats! Now, if we're being honest here, I did put these on my own Christmas wishlist because I need them, and admit it; you need these too. $249.95

11. Candy Lens Hello Kitty Pink Circle Contact Lenses

For those who love that exaggerated dolly-eyed look, they can now be achieved with the pretty pink Hello Kitty Circle lens series. If pink's not your color, don't worry; they come in a variety of shades. Remember, practice eye safety and check with your eye doctor before purchasing! $22.90

10. Hello Kitty Chocolate Boutique

Forget the Easy Bake Oven this year; get that Masterchef Junior a Hello Kitty chocolate maker instead! The set comes complete with Kitty molds, stickers, wrappers, and other supplies needed to make chocolate. Even chocolate-loving adults might love this. $29.88

9. 3D Bling Crystal Rhinestone Pearl Love Fairy-Tale Hello Kitty Flip Wallet Case

Who doesn't love a blingy case?! This specific wallet-case is for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and comes in colors: pink, white, and purple. Even if it won't fit the phone you have, at least you now have a gift idea and should be able to find a similar case to fit your needs. $6.99

8.  Hello Kitty Rhinestone Watch: Dainty

How pretty is this watch?! I think it's a perfectly cute girlfriend or teen/young adult gift don't you? $75.00

See Shin Ha Kyun as an elderly chaebol who ages in reverse in the romantic comedy Mr. Baek:

7.  Hello Kitty Candy Gift Set in Collectible Pouch

This is so cute and a perfect stocking stuffer for the kids, especially since it comes with a Kitty collectible pouch! $8.95

6.  2014 Special Edition Hello Kitty Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi released 400 special edition Hello Kitty cars in celebration of Kitty's 40th anniversary. The catch is, it's available only in Japan. However, if you're going to gift someone a car for Christmas, what's a few extra dollars for importing? $13,400

5.  Hello Kitty Adult Onesie Kigurumi Pajama

Everyone needs pajamas, so why not a fabulous fleece Hello Kitty onesie? Trust me, this is way better than Ralphie's bunny onesie in A Christmas Story. $66.00

4. Hello Kitty First Aid Kit

This is a great little gift for any home. It's a first aid kit, true, but it's super cute and comes with 75 pieces, all with Hello Kitty printed on them! $9.84

(Photo Credit: Hello Kitty Limited)

3. A flight on an Eva Air Hello Kitty Jet

Planning to give a vacation overseas as a gift? Find out if Eva Air offers flights to your next destination, and book a seat on one of their Hello Kitty-themed jets. Check out this throwback article I wrote all about Eva Air by clicking here; it even includes a short video! Ticket price varies

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2. Hello Kitty LED Flower Crown

This is so pretty! These handmade flower crowns come in 3 flower colors: white, yellow, and pink with 9 LED color choices, and the option for a custom LED color. $24.00

1. Hello Kitty Limited Edition 2014 Swarovski Crystal Statement Piece

For the collector. Swarovski has created only 1,974 of these pieces, and each one contains "13,000 hand-set crystals." $3,200

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Did anything on this list interest you or help out with your holiday shopping? 

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE