Just because it's winter now doesn't mean that we can all let ourselves go. We know it's hard to stay motivated, so we have compiled examples of the ultimate workout, demonstrated by shirtless K-drama men, of course! 

Step 1: Everyone knows it's important to begin a good workout with a nice stretch, warming up those muscular shoulders and chocolate abs to prevent injury.

(from 49 Days)

Step 2: Now it's time to get in some pulse-raising cardio! We won't judge you if you start breathing hard. 

(from Iris)

Step 3: It is crucial to keep those upper arms in shape. We all know how important rippling biceps are to our...um...health. 

(from Emergency Couple)

See Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung make beautiful music together in Tomorrow’s Cantabile

Step 4: And you wouldn't want your body to get out of balance, so be sure to put as much effort into the back as you do to the front!

(from Fatal Encounter)

Step 5: It's also a good idea to leave the weight machines behind and do some body-weight exercises, including not only pull-ups, but also upside-down-chocolate-ab-ups. Here, let me check if you're doing it right...

(from When a Man Loves)

Wait, demonstrate those crunches one last time...

(from Oh! My Lady)

Pretty good, but it seems like you could use a personal trainer. I promise, I'm fully certified, and I make the perfect spotter!

Step 6: Well done! You deserve a break. Just let me show you where the locker room is! 

(from Heirs)

Now it wouldn't be a K-drama workout without the mandatory shower scene, would it?

(from Boys over Flowers)

Same time next week?