Watch Dasom's bellyaching funny first encounter with the handsome professor in the new lighthearted drama The Virtual Bride! The popular K-pop girl group SISTAR's singer plays an idol singer who tries to revive her career by appearing on a reality show as a virtual wife and butts head with her virtual mother-in-law. The comedic setup becomes even more hilarious when she and her virtual husband really fall in love, although you'd never guess by the way they first spotted each other.

Ryu Soo Young (Blood) plays the handsome professor who has only the secrets of high math in his heart. His nicely organized world gets an unwanted disruption when Dasom appears. 

How does Dasom attract the hot professor's attention?

(Caution: You probably wouldn't want to try it in the real world.)

#1. Get into his car by mistake and leave an unforgettable impression:

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In Young (Dasom) was totally embarrassed by the hilarious encounter, but she never expected to meet him again.  


#2. Do it a second time so that he'll recognize your face. 

In Young (Dasom) storms out of her virtual mother-in-law's home and gets into her agent's car. Once again, it was the wrong car, and guess who was in it?

When Myung Suk (Ryu Soo Young) finds out later on that he is the virtual husband to the idol singer, he is obviously against intrigued by the idea.

By this time, In Young has already decided she isn't happy with her new gig, but the show must go on. 

In this next scene, she explores the professor's room (uninvited) and attempts to make nice.

#3. Clean the whiteboard for him and accidentally erase the complex math formula he's been working on for 14 months:

Uh oh!

Anyone can tell that In Young (Dasom) has really caught the professor's full attention.

I can't wait to follow the romantic development between Dasom and the handsome man of infinite prime numbers.

If you're in the mood for a lighthearted drama to add kimchi spice to your life, The Virtual Bride is the perfect one for you! It's also a quick series with only 12 episodes.

Check it out!

~ NancyZdramaland