We all have our favorite sleep positions. Personally, I like sleeping on my side, one arm under my pillow. I didn't think it had any significance, but according to this Japanese chart, apparently it does! What does your sleep position say about your personality?

1. King Position - You're unique. Confident.

2. Hugging Position - You're frustrated. You have high expectations about yourself and others.

3. Embryo Position - You want to be pampered. You're clingy, dependent.

4. Half-Embryo Position - You're well balanced. You're indecisive, but sensible.

5. Lay On Stomach Position - You're the nervous type. You're a hard worker.

6. Sphinx Position - Mostly for kids. Rare.

7. Convict Position - You sleep with your arms crossed. Work and human relationships are not going well for you.

8. Raising Your Knees - You're the nervous type and have a short temper. You have a good memory.