"Decotora” trucks (aka, trucks decorated with illuminations), are an amazing subculture that has emerged among truckers in Japan over the last decade. They were first captured in the summer of 1998 by photographer Tatsuki Masaru (he has a coffee table book available here).

It is believed that the trend started in the '70s, where fishing truckers garishly painted their trucks after being inspired by a cult movie series called Trucker. In the past decade, they started looking more like something you'd see at a Vegas casino.

The Decotora subculture even encourages some healthy competition. Truckers try to out-bling each other, adding as many bells and whistles onto their rigs as possible. The trick however is to keep the rig street legal and operational. Communities organise roadside meet-ups where truckers and enthusiasts can gather, admire, show-off, borrow ideas or just enjoy the show.

Check out more photos below: