[caption id="attachment_32767" align="alignleft" width="346" caption="Park Min Young"][/caption] We've got great news for Sungkyunkwan Scandal fans who want to find out more about the creation of their favorite drama. In a new interview, Scandal writer Kim Tae Hee talks in-depth about her approach to creating the genre-busting hit, including the influence her ideas about feminism had on her writing process, and especially in voicing the character of Kim Yoon Hee. Then, Yoon Hee herself gives some insight on the excitement and fears of playing a bold character who could've struck a sour note with audiences, but ended up winning hearts instead. Park Min Young talks about how she came to play Yoon Hee, and what it's like to play a modern woman in an 18th century sageuk here. KARA Seungyeon's new one for the Mary Stayed Out All Night soundtrack has hit the net--see the video and hear the tune right hereMary begins airing tonight! In on-set injury news, Uhm Ji Won told Im Chang Jung she was sorry for slapping him on the set of the film Poor Men and Women. And if you're thinking that the slap was part of the script, think again--the attack was improvised, although Uhm says she was provoked by Im's smirking face during a fight scene. And, 2 questions come to mind when you see the new Lee Min Ho photo: 1) What the heck happened to his knuckle? and 2) Why is he showing it off like that? The only explanation I can think of for question 1 is that he's been over-using his new Iphone app that lets fans follow his Twitter feed, see new photos and videos, and more (official page for the free app is here). Seo Woo talks Flames of Ambition, the way Yoo Seung Ho makes her feel, and her trick to looking hot while dancing in a Psy video in a new interview. And finally, are Kang Dong Won and Kim Ha Neul really getting married tomorrow, in time for Kang's entrance into the army? Kang and Kim put a stake in the heart of that romantic rumor here.