The Osaka Prefectural Pharmaceutical Association has just made the world’s coolest anti-drug poster—and they apparently made it while they were high out of their skulls.

The Japanese pharmaceutical company that employs 8000 people (although it appears none who take marketing too seriously) recently plastered Osaka streets with this image starring comedian group Monster Engine.

The poster reads how users will incur “Wrath of the Gods” (神々の怒り, pronounced “kamigami no ikari”) while also spelling out the kanji characters for cannabis (大麻, called “taima”) and a katakana (phonetic transliteration) of the word marijuana (マリファナ, pronounced marifana). Because this is supposed to be relevant to drug use, we must ask: why is the guy on the right meditating? Why is the guy on the left holding up one arm in the air while covering his privates with the other? Why are they levitating before a cloudy read background?

The image first came to attention courtesy of Twitter user @xxtakoxx, who seemed to be saying that Osaka police are great, but either can’t compete with or aren’t correctly paying attention to the pharmaceutical company.

This isn’t the first time that Osaka Prefectural Pharmaceutical Association (or, as Gil Ra Im would call them, OPPA) has used comedy to convince kids to not use marijuana. Earlier in the year, they had created a poster starring comedian Sakura-Saki Inagaki—cosplaying as Asuka Langley from the Neon Genesis Evangelion, no less—telling people to say no to drugs.

Japan has some of the world’s strictest anti-marijuana laws, implemented by the US after World War II. To this day, the drug is condemned in the country, and stars caught with it often experience an abrupt end to their career.

So remember, kids: no doing drugs—you might end up looking like the coolest poster in the world.