For all you foodies out there — you'll still have to go all the way to Japan to taste the world's one and only Michelin-starred bowl of noodles, but you won't have to wait hours in line at Tsuta, the soba noodle shop in Tokyo that serves the famous ramen, because you can just walk into a convenience store and find it on the shelves now, ready-made to be bought and enjoyed with a cold beer in the comfort of your own home after a long day at the office!

When they say "convenience store" in Japan, that is exactly what they mean. As long as you live near a convenience store, which you most definitely will because there are millions of them, you literally don't need to go anywhere else to shop — for anything. All of your life's needs - food, magazines, alcohol, face wash, socks, and whatever else you can imagine - are sold in these stores that are magically within walking distance from wherever you happen to be. The bread is always fresh, the coffee is always hot, and the shelves are always stacked with delicious, crazy-flavored snacks. What about sushi, you ask? Of course there's sushi! It would be an inconvenience if there wasn't!

And now, a convenience store chain called Sunkus has one-upped the competition by joining forces with Tsuta, the world's one and only noodle shop that has ramen that was awarded with a coveted Michelin star. Ramen, after all, is not usually associated with fine dining, but because the flavor, texture, and everything about Tsuta's ramen was so ridiculously perfect, the notoriously hard-to-please French reviewers gave the tiny Japanese shop the highest honor any restaurant can get. Usually, dining at a Michelin star-awarded establishment requires making reservations sometimes months in advance, but thanks to Japan's convenience store culture, those living in Japan can now eat Tsuta's world-renowned ramen just by walking into a Sunkus. The ramen is chilled probably because it's more feasible to get the ramen broth to taste as close to the original as possible by selling it cold and because summer's just around the corner. The owner of Tsuta, Yuki Onishi, worked to make sure that nothing would compromise his creation, and he made efforts to make sure the convenience store ramen was up to par with his standards. And from what I hear, the 480 yen (about 4 dollars) pre-packaged bowl from Sunkus is very similar to what you would get at Tsuta. 

I don't know if you've ever heard, but it's true - everything you eat in Japan is delicious.

Tsuta seats only nine at a time.

The line's not so long today!


But if you don't feel like waiting . . . 

Same thing for 480 yen (with truffle oil)!