We've already looked at some of the best Korean red carpet looks from the 2015 drama and film awards season, but what about the outfits that weren't quite so successful? Here are 10 red carpet outfits that definitely could have been better. Vote for your least favorite at the end!

1. Kang Ye Won (BIFF)

I give Kang Ye Won credit for trying something daring, but the combination of the nude underlay and poorly placed seams make this outfit really uncomfortable to look at, especially in the general crotch area....

2. Mok Eun Jung (Daejong Awards)

As a designer, Mok Eun Jung gets a fair amount of leeway on what she can get away with wearing. I just wish that this fabric didn't scream "Circus Tent" so loudly.

3. Park Se Young (MBC Drama Awards)

The color is nice, but the fabric is so stiff and overworked that it's very reminiscent of a 1980s prom dress. She looks like she can barely lift her arms at all.

4. Kim Jung Eun (MBC Drama Awards)

The bottom is mostly inoffensive, but the top half definitely takes the whole look to curtainsville.

5. Lee Yoo Bi (MBC Drama Awards)

WHYYYYYY, Lee Yoo Bi? I want to know who thought this nightie was a good idea. The fit is so off that the poor woman is swimming in it.

6. Jo Sumi (BIFF)

It's just too much. The color and fabric detail would have been great on their own. Add in the giant Miss Universe sash/bow and the skin cutouts that appear to have no rhyme or reason to them, and it's overkill. Sometimes less really is more.

7. Jin Ye Sol (MBC Drama awards)

Korean actresses looooooooooove white gowns, but they have to be really careful that their looks don't get overly bridal. Not only is Jin Ye Sol's a straight-up wedding dress, but it's a wedding dress from 30 years ago.

You would think there would be no reason for men to show up on the worst-dressed list. I mean, you toss on a suit or a tux and call it good. How hard could it be? Well, we have a few gentlemen who proved that it's not as easy as it looks:

8. Bong Tae Gyu (KBS Drama Awards)

I don't fault the guy for trying something quirky, but the scarf placement is too reminiscent of toilet paper sticking out of pants to fully work.

9. Yoo Oh Seung

I like to think that I'm flexible with fashion rules, but I draw the line at wearing jeans on the red carpet. You could at least try a little.

10. Jung Eun Woo (SBS Drama Awards)

At the other end of the overly casual spectrum, we have Jung Eun Woo. It's a bathrobe! But it's a tux! I guess this is convenient if you don't want to change after the show before you go to bed, but otherwise, it seems like a misstep.

Vote for the outfit you liked least below:

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Which outfit id you like the least? Or do you think I'm crazy and you actually loved all of them? Share your thoughts in the comments below!