by FashionableAsians: 2011 was a great year for Korean dramas, both in storylines and fashion. The rise of websites selling clothes and accessories inspired by Korean dramas proves that the popularity of these dramas have become more internationally watched and recognized as trendy and fashion forward. To show the range in styles of last year’s dramas, I chose to highlight three of my favorites. Secret Garden Ha Ji Won made the tomboy look a staple in every girl’s wardrobe with a military inspired jackets and cape coats. Throughout the drama, Ji Won’s character Gil Ra Im is spotted wearing several different cape coats; what can I say the girl just isn’t a fan of sleeves.
And how could I forget about Hyun Bin’s snazzy sequined tracksuits? I truly believe that he single handedly started the whole sequined blazer trend.
Royal Family (a.k.a the Chicest Family on television) I have never seen a more put together family and secretly wish everyone in my family would look like them, though I could live without all the drama. Every lady in the Royal Family had their own unique style that also reflected their character’s personality. Kim In Sook (played by Yum Jung Ah) made everyone believe she was weak, when in reality she was more powerful than her Queen of a mother in law. Her style was classic and sophisticated, the way every powerful woman should look.
Jo Hyun Jin (played by Cha Ye Ryun) was a budding fashionista and kept her style young but work appropriate. She was my favorite in the series as her was the most similar to mine with soft neutral colors and simple accessories.
Im Yoon Seo (played by Jun Mi Sun) has a fiery personality, so loud patterns and bold colors played a major part in her wardrobe. She may come off as high maintenance and an avid arm crosser but she does have a sensitive side.
Yang Ki Jung (played by Seo Yoo Jung) was the evil sister in law no one wanted to be associated with.  The Royal Family’s very own devil has horns not on her head but on her shoulders and is a fan of dark colors and bold accents.
City Hunter
Is it weird that I was more drawn to Lee Min Ho’s wardrobe than I was to Park Min Young’s?I mean if any guy can pull off women’s wear without losing his manliness it would be this BAMF. I wish I looked this good in skinny jeans…
I want my boyfriend to look like Lee Yoon Sung (played by Lee Min Ho), but since that isn’t a possibility without plastic surgery; I’ll just have to settle for dressing him like Yoon Sung. While some may argue that he looked rather ‘metro’ with his always perfect hair and skinny jeans, but I think he pulled it off quite nicely without looking too feminine.
My favorite looks from Kim Nana (played by Park Min Young) were the ones where she is off duty and sporting colorful cardigans and t-shirts. It acts as a disguise so that people don’t see her as threat, because this girl may look harmless but she can throw down with just about anyone.
The President’s teenage daughter (played by Goo Hara) who is apparently old enough to go clubbing, manages to dress like she shops at the Children’s Place, prompting Min Ho’s character to call her “kid” all the time.Something I’ve realized about Korean dramas is that the stylists are good at styling for the character but sometimes they tend to disregard the storyline.  How does a stunt actress with a tiny apartment afford a Marc Jacobs sweater equivalent to what she probably makes in a week?  And how does Park Min Young’s character afford designer handbags when she can’t even afford to fix up her house?  They’re very stylish just not realistically possible.  If only K-dramas were real…  I can’t wait to see what kind of styles Korean dramas have to offer this year! I hope you all enjoyed this post! You can check out my blog FashionableAsians for more, and follow me on twitter @fashionableazns!