Airing for the first time on tvN, Second Proposal Invitation is a dating show meant for adults who want a second chance at love and marriage—but with a love triangle twist! Two men and one woman—all divorced—are sent off on a two-day date to discover new love, and the outcome is one happy couple, and one unlucky fellow. In the first episode, which aired on December 5, the female contestant must choose between the head of an advertising agency and a man working in the IT industry. While the former leaves her alone in the cold, confuses her in the restaurant, and tries to give her awkward massages, the IT guy won her over with good looks and warmth. Finding out she has a child from a previous marriage is only a minor bump in the road. Already gaining popularity with viewers, this reality show has earned a regular time slot and viewers are excited to watch the contestants' stories evolve. What do you think—would you watch this reality show? (Source: